IFS Field Service Management: A Game Changer?

Aug 30, 2018

Field service workers are unique assets to an organization. They are often the final contact point for a customer, and thus try to leave a lasting impression with what they do. Nowadays, customers demand dedicated personalized experiences. They also expect flawless first-time fix-rates, and a transparent experience from booking a visit to service delivery. Failing to reach these standards will result in a negative experience for your customer.  One negative service review can cause people to shift to their business to a competitor.

Field Service Management Software Connects The Dots 

Many surveys have shown that field service employees want to provide the best service possible to their clients. They consider it the best part of their job. The problematic parts of the job are time-consuming mundane data entry, and the lack of access to information on-site. They need real-time data at their disposal to best serve their clients and achieve customer success for your company.   

Your customers and employees need mobility, flexibility, transparency, and agility to synchronize in a meaningful way. Field Service Management (FSM) software brings together your company, field-workers, and customers to create a competitive differentiator.  

Thinking of replacing your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to accommodate FSM? Think again! You might not have to. IFS FSM can be integrated with your existing ERP software like SAP or Microsoft 

Why Choose IFS Field Service Management? 

IFS FSM integrates game-changing technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML)  and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its platform. This results in faster job scheduling, greater inventory visibility, and faster invoicing.

The IFS Field Service Management tool can effectively manage your complete service life cycle. It hosts a range of features that can streamline your field service operations including: 

  • Service Request Management
  •  Field Asset Management
  • Logistics & Reverse Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Planning & Scheduling Optimization
  • Revenue Capture and Invoicing
  • Robust Pricing and CPQ Capability
  • Resource Management with Time and Expense Management.

In 2019 with the release of IFS Field Service Management 6 at theIFS World Conference, IFS showcased improvements for UX, PSO and DSE updates, it is more configurable and has flexible deployment strategies 

ProV's IFS Field Service Management Services 

ProV International Inc. is a premier managed service provider, and a multiple award-winning partner for IFS. ProV’s global pool of FSM experts can offer insight to get the most out of your field service management software.  We specialize in application implementation teams for enhancement and upgrade projects. Our services include consulting, development, and support solutions that give you step-by-step guidance on your FSM implementation journey. Some features of our solutions include: 

  • Business Process Optimization 
  • Global Delivery Model 
  • Configurations and Customization Support 
  • Reporting & BI 
  • Integrations Support 
  • Application Monitoring and Global Support 
  • Managed Cloud Services 

ProV also provides a customized Mobile Insights Android app that automatically pushes your FSM updates as they are released by IFS. To learn more about all that a robust FSM software can do for your business, download our FREE Guide to End-to-End Field Service Management below. For anything else, drop a comment below, or contact us  today. 

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