How to Build an Efficient and Happy Workforce with Field Service Management (FSM) Software

Mar 27, 2018

Technology has been making several advancements in the way work is created, distributed, and completed. Globalization of labour markets are also driving organizations to rethink the arrangement of their on-field workforces.

A 2016 survey by The Service Council found 77% of technicians love solving customer problems. 60% of the field service technicians surveyed had chosen to work in the profession and indicated that dealing with customers, repairing systems, learning about new technologies are amongst the many reasons they love their day-to-day job.

However, 46% of the people surveyed said that paperwork and admin work was the worst part of their day. They felt that these unnecessary, repetitive and monotonous activities took away from their productivity. Changing demographics and customer profiles are making enterprises turn to field service management (FSM) software for services delivered in the field.

Problems Faced by On-Field Workers

Field service technicians often complain about the amount of logistics related paperwork to complete each job. This includes a perilous list of work orders, customer quotes, part requisitions, time-sheets and inspection checklists. From the Service Council survey, 29% of field workers also said that time spent looking for information was one of the most tedious parts of their day.

Modernizing your field service operations might seem unnecessary if your current system is working for you. If it’s not broken, why fix it? Here’s why you should.

As an organization when your on-field workers spend more time on meaningless administrative tasks rather than fixing issues and attending service calls, your business bottom line will ultimately be affected. Manual methods often waste precious time for your business, when that time could’ve been used to help a customer or schedule a visit. Even a couple of missed visits and deadlines can cost your business thousands of dollars. Investment in FSM software to automate repetitive manual tasks, is an investment, that will not only result in happier workers but also pay dividends to your ROI in the long run.  

Benefits of FSM Software

By opting for a robust FSM software like IFS Field Service Management, you can give yourself, your administrators and your field workers the ability to be more efficient by automating mundane tasks.

The benefits of field service management software include:

  • Faster Job Scheduling
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Inventory Visibility
  • Automated Invoice
  • Reduced Business Costs

A field service software survey by Capterra, found that since using FSM software organizations found a 90% increase in the number of conversions from quotes, 86% reported a decrease in fuel costs, while 82% found an increased number of first-time fixes.

An FSM software stops you from having to juggle countless piles manual receipts, photographs, scribbled paper notes about on-field jobs. Technicians can input work descriptions, work timings, materials used, and customer signatures and all other work related information from a job can be stored digitally and accessed from any device anywhere. Download our FREE guide on end-to-end field service management for a comprehensive guide on everything FSM can do for you.

To learn more about how ProV configures FSM tools to meet our clients’ needs and quickly adapt to change, drop a comment below or contact us today.

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