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ITOM ( IT Operations Management )

Simplify and Modernize IT

ProV’s IT Operations Management solutions help your organization enhance visibility into its infrastructure and services, prevent service outages, and maximize operational agility. Get the most out of ITOM with ProV’s managed services. We envision a future where IT infrastructure combines the best of human and AI to improve flexibility and efficiency. Our digitally-enabled workforce solutions will reduce the cost and risk of critical shared services across multiple enterprise systems. We can help you get up and running faster and handle all of your enterprise’s ITOM needs, freeing up your own internal IT department to focus on high value tasks that drive the innovation your customers expect.


Our Discovery Solutions enable you to find all the devices connected to your network and create an up to date, accurate record for your IT infrastructure, both in the cloud and on-premise. It identifies CI’s , maps and populates them and maintains them in the CMDB. This helps ensure the accuracy of data and applications across your entire enterprise. This is critical for eliminating service outages and reducing time to value.

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Network of Connected Devices


ProV can easily accelerate service delivery though orchestration. Our ready-to-use tools and apps integrate seamlessly with your system. Produce fast and predictable results by automating routine tasks. Orchestration combines human processes and automation in one environment. Your IT department can now build out workflows that cater to operations management and important business process management scenarios.

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Business Process Automation

Service Mapping

Need to eliminate outages? Our service mapping solutions continuously monitors your IT infrastructure for any changes or updates in real-time. Identify issues when they occur immediately. Service Mapping can discover business services consisting of devices and applications deployed in cloud.

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IT Manager

Event Management

Event Management reduces the noise generated by monitoring tools. It also uses predictive machine learning techniques to prevent service outages and creates alerts you can immediately act on to eliminate outages. Solve issues faster by integrating event management.

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Operational Intelligence

ProV’s operational Intelligence solution allows you to analyze your IT infrastructure to find issues and prevent service outages. It uses machine learning to identify system threats that may indicate potential service outages. This is a preventive maintenance package that integrates into a complete ITOM solution. You can easily choose and configure which metrics to monitor.

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Operational Intelligence

Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management Solutions get you to the cloud faster by extending our service management tools to deliver enterprise‑class services faster, with reduced cost and user complexity. The cloud creates high expectations for users wanting on-demand services and for businesses that expect immediate results. With ProV’s Cloud Management, managers and administrators can easily create standardized, version controlled cloud infrastructure services and offer these to users through the service catalog. Our service extends excellence to your cloud operating model.

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Cloud Management
The Real Impacts That Service Outages Have On Your Business

The Real Impacts That Service Outages Have On Your Business

Service Outages & Your Business. Legacy IT management systems simply haven’t kept up with the demands of modern enterprises. Shortfalls in IT Operations management lead to service outages, but the question stands: How do these outages really impact a business?

This white paper outlines some of the biggest impacts of service outages on an enterprise and how you can overcome them, including:

  • Monetary losses
  • Time / productivity impacts
  • Resource Consumption

Restoring Confidence in Your CMDB

Free White Paper: Restoring Confidence in Your CMDB

Enter your email to download this free white paper that helps you navigate common challenges and how to make your CMDB data trustworthy and accurate.

What Everyone Must Know About Boomi for IFS Applications ERP

Free White Paper: What Everyone Must Know About Boomi for IFS Applications ERP

Enter your email to download this free white paper that helps you understand how Boomi's intelligent data integration tool can help improve the way your instance of IFS Applications will work! 

ServiceNow Utilization Assessment

FREE: Discover the State of Your ServiceNow License

Is your organization utilizing its ServiceNow license to the fullest? ProV is offering a free utilization assessment with one of our in-house ServiceNow experts to gauge whether your existing ServiceNow license is fully optimized, or if there’s room for improvement.

Let our ServiceNow experts show you how you could be saving money by:

  • Review your installation
  • Identifying your license gaps
  • Integrating beneficial modules
Best Practices for Implementing ITOM Guide

Best Practices for Implementing ITOM Guide

Powerful techniques to implementation. Learn how to easily manage your entire IT operations & simplify your processes to better serve your company and clients.

In this guide you will find:

  • Information on servicenow
  • A list of deployment challenges
  • Ways to Scale and Adapt ITOM

The Ultimate Managed Services Checklist

The Ultimate Managed Services Checklist

In this free checklist, you can collect what you need about vendors and your organization to evaluate and choose the perfect managed IT services partner.

You can use this checklist to:

  • Uncover client network infrastructure
  • Identify service level agreement tensions
  • Expose vendor's ability to deliver
  • Reveil vendor onboarding process
The Ultimate Data Loss Prevention and Survival Guide

FREE GUIDE: The Ultimate Data Loss Prevention and Survival Guide

What happens when your data is all gone? In this checklist we cover the processes involved to successfully integrate security measures to protect your data. Learn how to optimize and protect your data for threats and unforeseen circumstances.
Use this guide to learn how to:

  • Guard against cyber threats
  • Create a data leakage plan
  • Keep hackers out of your system
5 Ways to Create Profitable Customer Experiences Through BPO

FREE GUIDE: 5 Ways to Create Profitable Customer Experiences Through BPO

Discover how cutting edge outsourcing services will boost your businesses profitability through the roof.

The guide provides tips and indicators, covering: 

  • Ways to save time and resources
  • Benefits of Having a Dedicate BPO
  • Quickly Scaling Your Operation
  • How to Lower Operating Costs
  • Improving Your Brand Reputation
When A Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company Chooses ProV For Managed IT Services.

FREE CASE STUDY: When A Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company Chooses ProV For Managed IT Services.

In this free guide, you'll learn how ProV International was selected by a major Oil & Gas company to help improve applications efficiency around the clock. This case study overviews how remote based monitoring and management helped inventory operations and migrate data on-time and within budget.

Learn about these solutions:

  • Hosted erp applications
  • Data migration
  • Managed it services

Download Now! Salesforce ITSC Case Study

Download Now! Salesforce ITSC Case Study

Learn how this large scale field service company generated significant performance improvement from implementing Salesforce™ ITSC powered by Tanium™ at their organization.

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