Managed IT Services

Why Use Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services is the next logical step for any enterprise that relies on IT tools like ServiceNow, Microsoft Azure, etc. Some key benefits of using this include the following:

The ProV Model for Managed IT Services

ProV provides flexible solutions for addressing the IT needs of enterprises. The two primary offerings from ProV for managed IT services are:


Fotolia_84085853_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgClient Dedicated Solution

This offering can be hosted in-house at the client’s facility and staffed by ProV’s crack IT support team based on the client’s requirements. It can also be hosted in ProV’s data center with dedicated hardware reserved strictly for one client’s IT computing and support needs.

Fotolia_84085853_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgShared Multitenant Solution

This offering is supported by ProV’s global data centers that use a shared, multitenant infrastructure secured with virtual private networks (VPNs) and SSO and SAML-capable ServiceNow instances. The geodiversity of these datacenters helps ensure stable, consistent access to IT resources across the globe.


Both of these offerings are available with specific SLA support levels based on a yearly subscription featuring flexible billing schedules (monthly or quarterly).

Additionally, these offerings boast unlimited client support hours so you can have 24/7 coverage 365 days a year. This support includes things as simple as call logging with first-time resolution through Help Desk, as well as full management of ServiceNow issues and escalations.

Managed It Solutions Explained

Transitioning into Managed IT Services

ProV helps enterprises transition into managed IT services using a comprehensive, step-by-step process:

1. Support Transition Phase. 

In this step of the process, ProV acquires an understanding of the client’s existing IT infrastructure and services by:

  1. Defining support objectives and goals
  2. Determining key success factors
  3. Setting timescales and milestones
  4. Confirming roles and responsibilities
  5. Identifying and creating reporting metrics
  6. Establishing a managed services support plan and sign-off

2. Support Transformation Phase. 

In this phase, ProV onboards the managed IT services team, creates schedules for support tasks, sets up connectivity interfaces, test runs the chosen support model, establishes QA acceptance, and performs knowledge transfer.

3. Steady State. 

In this step, QA testing/review is completed, and the hand-off of IT management from the client to ProV begin

This formula for transferring key IT responsibilities helps ensure the smooth transition of clients from using internal IT support to using managed IT services.

Discover how managed services can result in big benefits for small businesses.

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ProV’s IT Services Support Capabilities

ProV offers ITIL-compliant, 24/7 support capabilities for:

  • Database Management. Includes Oracle, SQL, and MySQL support.
  • Server Management. Includes Wintel, Unix, AIX, messaging and storage systems.
  • Application Management. Manages IFS, SugarCRM, SAP, INFOR & MS Dynamics, among others.
  • Cyber Security Management. Setup and management for firewalls, intrusion protection systems, VPNs, Single Sign-On (SSO), and IAM.

These support capabilities empower a range of proactive IT management and compliance services that reduce cost (and worry) for ProV clients. These proactive management and support strategies actively mitigate problems, reducing their impact on business operations in a way that break-fix IT solutions can’t.

IT Service Management for End Users

ProV integrates a range of ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) and administration support features to help end users get more out of their ServiceNow license. Key support tools include:


Incident Reporting

ProV uses a combination of cyber security measures to  automatically detect and report incidents. 95% of all incidents are reported within a strict response time based on support SLAs.


Problem Resolution

Detected issues are resolved quickly following detection to minimize their impact and cost to the client.


Change Management

Smooth transitions when upgrading/switching infrastructure or software with dedicated change management services.


Service Chat Logging

Chat logs help record incidents, and the progression of resolutions, for future reference and quality assurance.


Service Mapping

Quickly identify the root causes and potential impacts of service outages using a top-down discovery methodology to map targeted business service CIs



IT asset management is delivered using a configuration management database (CMDB) to scan, classify, and explore configuration items in an agentless architecture.


Event Management

A single, unified dashboard view is used to aggregate and qualify several 3rd-party events from varying sources into a single view.



Management is provided for both external and internal processes, with automation of activities using the ServiceNow workflow as the main driving force.


Cloud Management

Cloud provisioning resources such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Virtual Machines (VMs) on VMware, and more are managed so as to provide easy self-service and visibility into cloud costs.

These functions are available whether you’re on a dedicated or multi-tenant infrastructure.

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The ProV
ServiceNow Team

ProV’s ServiceNow team of over 50 system administrators has numerous accreditations, including:

  • 8 Human Resources
  • 7 Project Portfolio
  • 7 Performance Analytics
  • 2 Discovery Accreditations

This team also boasts additional implementation specialists and application developers to help end users achieve their IT operational goals.

Top 3 Underutilized ServiceNow Tools

The Ultimate Managed Services Checklist

The Ultimate Managed Services Checklist

In this free checklist, you can collect what you need about vendors and your organization to evaluate and choose the perfect managed IT services partner.

You can use this checklist to:

  • Uncover client network infrastructure
  • Identify service level agreement tensions
  • Expose vendor's ability to deliver
  • Reveil vendor onboarding process
The Ultimate Data Loss Prevention and Survival Guide

FREE GUIDE: The Ultimate Data Loss Prevention and Survival Guide

What happens when your data is all gone? In this checklist we cover the processes involved to successfully integrate security measures to protect your data. Learn how to optimize and protect your data for threats and unforeseen circumstances.
Use this guide to learn how to:

  • Guard against cyber threats
  • Create a data leakage plan
  • Keep hackers out of your system
5 Ways to Create Profitable Customer Experiences Through BPO

FREE GUIDE: 5 Ways to Create Profitable Customer Experiences Through BPO

Discover how cutting edge outsourcing services will boost your businesses profitability through the roof.

The guide provides tips and indicators, covering: 

  • Ways to save time and resources
  • Benefits of Having a Dedicate BPO
  • Quickly Scaling Your Operation
  • How to Lower Operating Costs
  • Improving Your Brand Reputation
IFS Applications Management Services

Free Guide: IFS Applications Management Services

Enter your email address to get instant access to a FREE PDF Guide on IFS Applications updates and IT support options that will save you money.

Learn about the following:


  • IFS 24/7 Monitoring
  • IFS Remote Assistance
  • IFS Customer Help Desk
  • IFS Managed Services
  • IFS Software Updates
  • Expert Support
  • IFS Testing & Verification
  • IFS Customization
  • IFS Cloud Hosting & Support
Free eBook! 8 Innovative Approaches To Protect Your Healthcare Patient Data

Free eBook! 8 Innovative Approaches To Protect Your Healthcare Patient Data

As hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes struggle to protect their assets, systems, and patient records, the threat of cyber-attacks only continues to grow, overwhelming existing budgets and available means of security.

This e-book will illustrate: 

  • The current and future cyber risks in healthcare
  • Available solutions, technologies, and strategies to protect your patients from the dangers of the Digital Age
  • How to protect assets, systems, and patient records to minimize the threat of cyber-attacks
When A Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company Chooses ProV For Managed IT Services.

FREE CASE STUDY: When A Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company Chooses ProV For Managed IT Services.

In this free guide, you'll learn how ProV International was selected by a major Oil & Gas company to help improve applications efficiency around the clock. This case study overviews how remote based monitoring and management helped inventory operations and migrate data on-time and within budget.

Learn about these solutions:

  • Hosted erp applications
  • Data migration
  • Managed it services

Testing as a Service ( TAAS ) Case Study

FREE CASE STUDY: Large Scale European Business Software Provider Chooses ProV to deliver High Quality Software QA Testing

Learn how ProV helped its client deliver high quality software solutions that provide great value and seamless end-user experience to its customers.

The results were significant for this software client:

  • Reduced turnaround time for release
  • Enhanced product and service quality
  • Positive effect on Satisfaction Ratings
Robot Failure: Best Practices for Robotics Process Automation ( RPA ) Development

Robot Failure: Best Practices for Robotics Process Automation ( RPA ) Development

With RPA, the workday is not just an eight- or nine-hour work, it is 24/7. RPA promises to address human data entry challenges by creating robots that can flag exceptions for review by a human while continuing with their task. In this white paper, learn the two major errors that an RPA robot can encounter and how to manage the bots from failure:

Learn the competitive advantages of RPA:

  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Improve Score on Compliance Audits
  • Enhance Employee Experience

Restoring Confidence in Your CMDB

Free White Paper: Restoring Confidence in Your CMDB

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