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Building Customers for Life

ProV’s Customer Relationship Management solutions help create a holistic and transparent view of your customers and prospects. Our CRM solutions capture and analyze customer interactions that help improve your relationship. Consolidating data sources through integrated platforms to refine your strategy and sharpening the business focus. These robust CRM solutions take your prospect experiences from the engagement and contracts lifecycle to customer service and support engagement processes. ProV helps companies streamline processes and drive growth through expansion, retention and promotion.

Easily Organize Customer Information

Still keeping sales data separate from your customer engagement data. ProV’s Customer Relationship Management tools allow everyone in your business quick access to sales data, customer preferences and customer sentiment. Easily personalize your CRM dashboards to locate and prioritize information. With a single platform for your customer engagement, you will now reap the rewards of increased customer visibility which allows you to capture profitability.

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Improve Your Customer Service

Your customer’s time is valuable. Every minute you can save them in the customer service process improves your brand reputation. Should your customers experience a problem that needs a solution, they’re not going to be happy unless that problem can be taken care of quickly. ProV’s Customer Relationship Management tools allow your customer service representatives the ability to locate a solution within minutes, thanks to the accessibility of the rich information database.

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Close More Deals, Faster

Every business needs to increase leads to in-turn generate sales. The more knowledge your employees have, the more they are empowered to build stronger relationships with your customers. CRM systems are designed to take the burden off of your employees. It streamlines the entire sales cycle, so that your people can focus on what matters the most. ProV’s customer relationship management solutions help sales teams reach their targets faster. Easily automate the order processing and quote preparation process to reduce costs and increase sales revenue.

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The Real Impacts That Service Outages Have On Your Business

The Real Impacts That Service Outages Have On Your Business

Service Outages & Your Business. Legacy IT management systems simply haven’t kept up with the demands of modern enterprises. Shortfalls in IT Operations management lead to service outages, but the question stands: How do these outages really impact a business?

This white paper outlines some of the biggest impacts of service outages on an enterprise and how you can overcome them, including:

  • Monetary losses
  • Time / productivity impacts
  • Resource Consumption

Why Companies Pick SugarCRM to Grow their Business Case Study

FREE CASE STUDY: Why Companies Pick SugarCRM to Grow their Business

Learn how ProV was able to improve this Gaming Resort Developer’s customer relationships through a simple Sugar CRM integration. This one simple thing provided the business with better visibility on how the customers are playing and ultimately support its growth initiatives.

The results were significant:

  • Seamless & Intuitive User Experience
  • Consolidation of Scattered Customer Data
  • Protection of Confidential Data

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