5 Reasons Your Why Field Technicians Ignore Notifications

Jun 29, 2021

5 Reasons Your Why Field Technicians Ignore Notifications


Field service organizations are tasked with the excellent management of the operations of field technicians. These organizations send technicians to handle clients’ requests and have to ensure that they are working at their maximum productivity and invoices are made out for the work they do.  

Field service organizations typically send notifications to monitor the activities of technicians. In this article, we highlight why field technicians could ignore such notifications. 

They didn’t get the notification 

It is possible that technicians do not get the notifications that field service organizations send. This is possible when the right tools are not applied in sending the notifications. For field technicians to get notifications at all times, the messaging tools should be appropriately equipped. Firstly, the notification should come from mobile solutions that are adapted to the operations of the technicians.  

The field technicians are underpaid and feel under appreciated 

If field techs feel unappreciated and are underpaid, they will ignore notifications and won’t be motivated to put in the best efforts. This is why we advocate that field technicians should be well paid. The remuneration of field technicians should be competitive, in line with the industry and location.  

Apart from the remuneration, field technicians could also be offered benefits to improve their motivation. Even if they are equipped with the best technology for real-time notifications and messaging, techs will still ignore messages if they are not well compensated. If they are well compensated, they will put in maximum effort and get bigger and more frequent invoices.  

The notifications are not real-time 

Field technicians could ignore messages when they are not in real-time. Field technicians work in a fast-paced industry, and notifications are suited to the nature of their operations when they are real-time. 

The technicians should get real-time notifications so that they can apply the information accordingly to improve the quality of service they offer and enhance their general productivity.  

They feel micromanaged 

It is important that field service organizations ensure that their techs are properly trained and equipped to handle clients’ requests. These organizations should equip their techs to provide the best quality of service and afterward try not to micromanage them. 

Micromanaging techs is a simple way to cause demotivation. Techs could lose their motivation when they feel that they are not trusted to handle tasks that they are equipped to carry out. Once techs have been well trained and proven that they can handle different clients’ requests, they should not be bombarded with messages and micromanaged. They are more likely to ignore the notification than apply it in any way.  

Field techs should get notifications that have critical information and not routine information that they are well aware of. This will come across as micromanaging and demotivate field techs.  

Communications are ineffective 

Although this point could be described as an extension of the above point, it is a noteworthy standalone point. When communications are ineffective, field techs could be demotivated and choose to ignore messages. This is why communications should be kept as effective and strategic, sharing critical information with the techs.  

Field technicians could ignore notifications for a wide range of reasons, including those highlighted above. Notifications and messaging should be strategically applied to get more invoices and maximize the productivity of field techs. 

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