What's Wrong With Your FSM Solution?

Sep 20, 2018

Field service managers work under challenging circumstances that need many stages of coordination. Solving these challenges requires tactical and strategic data, as well as, considerable time, energy and resources. This is why many organizations turn to Field Service Management (FSM) Software, to balance their workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Today, providing seamless field service delivery is paramount to achieving customer success. However, in an ever-changing global marketplace, your FSM solution must be agile enough to adapt to evolving challenges. Many well-intentioned FSM initiatives “fizzle-out” over time. This is because FSM solutions fail to match required functionalities, or because they don’t achieve optimum adoption within the company. If you find that your field service delivery strategies aren’t effective anymore, your FSM solution might require changing.  Here are some things that you may notice if your field service solution isn't working.  

You Can’t Keep To Your Schedules  

 Customers expect flawless service delivery in the digital age. When they pay for your products or services, they expect them to delivered on time and without issues. As a business, you rely on your field service workers to meet these customer expectations. If you find your employees aren’t able to keep to their schedules, you may need new FSM software.  

Ideal FSM solutions provide features like optimum routing, real-time location alerts for field workers, scheduling, performance tracking, and feedback. This helps you keep to schedules, and keep your customer informed and happy.  

You Have Poor First-Time Fix Rates 

The first-time fix rate is the most important KPI for good field service solutions. In a study by The Service Council, 23% of technicians have to repeat a field visit to solve an issue. When your employees have to conduct multiple trips to solve one customer problem, which can lead to negative reactions from your customers who may lose money due to the outage. You also stand to lose money by allocating time and resources to an unnecessarily recurring issue.  

Research has also shown that field service employee morale goes down when they are unable to solve customer issues. Field workers consider solving customer issues to be the best part of their job. Robust FSM software offers automation capabilities with inventory and asset management capabilities. With better insight into what's required, your field employees arrive prepared each time. Thereby, improving your first-time fix rates. 

You Are Facing Issues With Worker Safety  

Your customers are not the only ones who deserve your loyalty. Many field technicians perform dangerous jobs. Workers in petroleum plants, wastewater management plants, chemical refineries, and natural gas processing plants have to deal with hazardous conditions on a daily basis.  

As a business, it is your responsibility to account for your worker safety. FSM solutions with IoT integrations help you create a safer work environment. By installing IoT sensors at various hazardous areas for reporting, you can reduce the number of physical checks required.  

Field Service Management is not a one-time affair. It is what defines your standards for both your employees and customers. If you are facing any of the issues mentioned above with your FSM solution, we can help. 

ProV International Inc. is an award-winning IFS partner that provides a dedicated FSM service for clients worldwide. ProV FSM experts use world-class analytics to provide immediate predictive actions that drive major improvements in your on-field services. We ensure optimum ROI on your software investment by providing best-in-class implementation and support services and much more.

To learn more about how ProV can configure your FSM tool to meet your client needs and quickly adapt to change, drop a comment below or contact us today. 

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