Benefits of Adopting the ITSM Framework to Achieve Business Goals

Mar 13, 2018

A strategic approach to IT service management (ITSM) today is imperative for organizations working to streamline service delivery and achieving customer success. Strategic ITSM provides more value to the customer, and helps you gain improved ROI.  

Strategic ITSM can be defined as adopting the ITSM approach for designing, providing, managing and refining the way IT is used within an organization to ensure that IT services are aligned with ultimate business goals. It makes sure that the right processes, the right people and the right technologies are in place for an enterprise to meet its business goals. 

What is an ITSM Framework and Why Should You Care?

ITSM can be defined as a holistic framework, based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice processes and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for developing IT service management systems (SMS).

An ITSM framework can bring together catalogue management, portfolio management, request and incident management, change management, configuration management, asset management, event management, and service level management. Bringing together these processes helps build an optimal operating model, through which crucial success factors and high-priority issues get dealt with first. An ITSM strategy can provide an organization with the foundation to constantly innovate by addressing operational pain points for the rest of the business like network infrastructure, support desks, data centres, and security.  

Enterprise software like ServiceNow allows companies to streamline their processes and bring it together under one hood for unified view and analysis. Without automation software, enterprises can quickly get stuck in dysfunctional silos for every process in a vacuum, and face challenges with day-to-day management and communication that can ultimately ruin your bottom line.

Benefits of an ITSM Framework Model

By positioning ITSM as the foundation for aligning IT with business goals, enterprise software can extend its capabilities like ticketing, automation, self-service and knowledge management into other business areas like HR, finance, legal, infrastructure and support.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Better and Consistent User Experience
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better ROI
  • Better Control and Visibility over Processes

The ProV UpStart Solutions Advantage

The ProV UpStart Solution is a unique ITSM framework based solution designed to quickly and cost effectively implement processes based on the ProV ITIL “Best Practices” by leveraging ServiceNow’s Out-of-the Box (OOB) ITSM processes.

Key Benefits of ProV UpStart Solutions include:

  • Adherence to ITIL Best Practices
  • Customized core ITSM solutions prepacked and ready for deployment
  • Visible Return on Investment (ROI) in as early as 8 weeks
  • Option to test drive ITSM ‘Best Practice’ process and SN configuration for a couple of weeks before beginning requirement workshops

As a Bronze Partner for ServiceNow, ProV UpStart solutions offer a unique list of services for all things ServiceNow. We leverage our global talent pool and best-in-class delivery models to streamline your business processes including staffing, implementation, ITOM, ITSM, CSM, and HR. Using best practices and customized methodologies, our team of developers and certified experts unlock the full potential of your ServiceNow license so you get more from your enterprise software investment.

To learn more about how ProV can help streamline your processes with UpStart, or for pricing package details, drop a comment below or contact us today.

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