100 Year Old Manufacturing Company Successfully Optimizes Field Operations with ProV's Intelligent Service Management Solutions During Covid-19

Apr 22, 2021

100 Year Old Manufacturing Company Successfully Optimizes Field Operations with ProV's Intelligent Service Management Solutions During Covid-19



(April 21, 2021) – ProV International, the global consulting firm that helps organizations streamline their customer, employee and digital experiences, recently signed on with Gosiger to enhance their Field service operations, bringing efficiency and better results. Given the organization was battling to improve service during the pandemic, the ProV team came in to optimize service operations and successfully pulled it off with flying colors.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the normalcy of operations with its unpredictable twists. Gosiger, the family-owned & operated corporation, is a renowned machine tool distributor and manufacturing solutions provider. Their constant need for innovation and fast turnaround times led to a fruitful partnership between the Dayton, Ohio-based distributor and ProV International.

ProV helped Gosiger implement an integrated field service management solution for accelerating day-to-day business results and revenue. Gosiger focused on optimizing manufacturing performance and needed a simplified field service management system that addressed the existing business gaps. The corporation required an effective service management solution that would allow its employees to engage with customers in more innovative ways. The idea was to leverage their vision about reshaping the customer experience.

Gosiger joined forces with ProV, because they are a trusted source for service management solutions. With extensive field service management experience, the global consulting firm has carved a niche for helping clients prioritize their needs and those of their customers. ProV devised a phase-wise implementation of their service management solution based on their on-field analysis. In line with Gosiger’s vision of improving customer experience, the IFS field service management software helped the client take advantage of the field service customer portal to enhance customer experience and engagement. 

"We began the process of doing a field service software version upgrade right before the Covid-19 pandemic began.  While this presented many challenges, ProV maintained a professional approach to the project which allowed us to complete the upgrade while managing through all of the other challenges associated with the business disruptions.  It is easy to be a good partner when things go well.  ProV proved to be a good partner even when things got challenging.  Because of their commitment to us, we have continued our commitment to them by entering into a continuing support contract through their applications management support offering. With this contract in place, we are getting the continued post go live support we need to continue to get the most out of IFS field service management." said by Roger O'Connor, Executive Vice President at Gosiger. 

Despite the safety challenges posed by the pandemic, ProV helped Gosiger generate and share reports at customer locations through a mobile device. They also ensured automated generation of preventive maintenance tasks, monitored repository health remotely and set them up with a system to help generate invoices to the customer in parallel to their external accounting system.

ProV has helped the client capitalize on the new field service software implementation and pave the path for intelligent working with automated processes. It has also helped tackle the underlying issue of employee safety especially, during unprecedented times. ProV prides itself in its cutting-edge service management solutions aimed at improving customer satisfaction and lowering downtime. 


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