5 Ways to Triple Your Average SLA Compliance Rate

Jun 29, 2021

5 Ways to Triple Your Average SLA Compliance Rate 


Service level agreements (SLAs) are contracts that guide the provision of services. SLAs are tools that can be strategically applied to improve the quality of customer service and customer management. SLA compliance rate is a measure of the proportion of incidents and issues fixed within the stipulated terms and conditions of the agreement. 

SLA compliance rate is a metric that could be applied to determine the effectiveness of the application of SLAs towards business goals. SLA compliance rate is also an indication of the quality of service contract management. In this article, we highlight five measures for improving SLA compliance rates.  

Clear communications  

Clear communications are important for improving SLA compliance rates significantly. Clear communications patterns should be established and adhered to as part of high-quality service contract management.  

With clear communications, the service provider and customer work towards a common goal. When clear communication patterns are established, the service provider will be able to seamlessly communicate with clients about any developments.  

Mobile solutions 

Mobility can be strategically applied to improve SLA compliance rates. Mobile solutions equip organizations to improve the efficiency of their core operations. Almost every operation can be improved with mobile tools.  

Specifically, mobile solutions can be applied to improve communications and the allocation of resources. Enhanced communications can be achieved with instant messaging and real-time notifications.  

The improved communications that come with mobile solutions specifically improve the quality of field service. Real-time notifications specifically improve the quality of communications in the field service sector.    

Mobile solutions improve the efficiency of resource allocation as they equip organizations for efficient inventory management.  


Automation is guaranteed to improve the average SLA compliance rate, even tripling it. The automation of routine processes is more than applying mobile solutions, it involves the replacement of manual processes with automation.  

The average SLA compliance rate will be improved significantly from the application of technologies for basic processes like data entry, scheduling, and invoicing. 

Automation improves the quality of general service contract management. Scheduling can be particularly improved with automation as tools for efficient and flexible scheduling have been developed.  

Employee motivation 

This is a simple yet commonly overlooked point to note about improving the average SLA compliance rate. Employees are the heart of the organization and without them, goals, including improved SLA compliance rate cannot be achieved.  

Employee motivation can be strategically improved by offering benefits and paying employees competitive rates in line with the industry and location. Keeping employees motivated is an essential part of service contract management, even though it is not addressed as such.  

Employee training 

Keeping employees motivated goes hand in hand with equipping them with the right tools and resources. Equipping employees with the necessary tools and resources is also particularly important for improving the SLA compliance rate.  

The SLA compliance rate is directly related to the first-time fix rate. Equipping employees and techs with the required tools and resources goes a long way in improving the first-time fix rate and the overall SLA compliance rate.  

Improving the SLA compliance rate is an essential part of service contract management. We have highlighted five ways for significantly improving SLA compliance rates

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