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In the digital economy competition knows no boundaries. It’s no longer good enough to have great products or great services, customers demand to be delighted through great experiences. ProV's customer experience solutions are at the intersection of intelligent design and customer empowerment. Customers demand intuitive digital experiences that reduce the friction of service and support. Learn more about how our innovation can create new Customer Experiences in the following areas: Customer Service Management, Customer Relationship Management, Virtual Support Management.

Customer Service Management

Every contact center manager is pressured to improve customer service quality, while reducing cost of operation. By offering omni-channel support options, integrated into intelligent workflow and automation, ProV designs a user experience that is intuitive from the first customer interaction. ProV CSM solutions lower support cost, improve response times and increase customer satisfaction.

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Customer Relationship Management

ProV’s CRM solutions put the “Relationship” back into the customer management lifecycle. ProV will reduce the inefficiencies created by multiple contact and communication systems. With one platform to engage customers, see order history, access management, support cases, social media comments, and other interactions, account managers and customer success teams can now increase customer affinity and drive retention. ProV helps you take advantage of a multi-channel customer environment that can easily incorporate third party service providers and channel partners.

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Virtual Support Management

ProV’s VSM offerings can instantly scale your business operations with highly trained customer service and support agents. ProV’s virtual support management services will support your operation today, while building the knowledge and automation foundations for AI, ChatBot and predictive agent assist technologies. We focus on driving improvements through intelligent apps, analytics and creating comprehensive solutions that ultimately increase user retention and connect the human and digital experience.

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The Real Impacts That Service Outages Have On Your Business

The Real Impacts That Service Outages Have On Your Business

Service Outages & Your Business. Legacy IT management systems simply haven’t kept up with the demands of modern enterprises. Shortfalls in IT Operations management lead to service outages, but the question stands: How do these outages really impact a business?

This white paper outlines some of the biggest impacts of service outages on an enterprise and how you can overcome them, including:

  • Monetary losses
  • Time / productivity impacts
  • Resource Consumption

Why Companies Pick SugarCRM to Grow their Business Case Study

FREE CASE STUDY: Why Companies Pick SugarCRM to Grow their Business

Learn how ProV was able to improve this Gaming Resort Developer’s customer relationships through a simple Sugar CRM integration. This one simple thing provided the business with better visibility on how the customers are playing and ultimately support its growth initiatives.

The results were significant:

  • Seamless & Intuitive User Experience
  • Consolidation of Scattered Customer Data
  • Protection of Confidential Data

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