5 ServiceNow Integrations You Need to Know About

Jun 29, 2017

ServiceNow is a robust platform that can deliver exceptional visibility, availability and agility for your business. ServiceNow customers use the ServiceNow service model to define, structure and automate their workflow. It provides service management services for all departments including IT, HR, facilities, field service and more.

ServiceNow has a Technology Partner Program that allows its customers to add certified integrations via third-party applications. These ServiceNow integrations further extend the capabilities of the platform and can be downloaded from the ServiceNow Store. The ServiceNow integrations ecosystem offers a plethora of options to increase functionality and use resources more efficiently.

ProV has been a partner of ServiceNow for years and was a proud sponsor at Knowledge 17. Using our industry expertise and longstanding association with ServiceNow, here are 5 ServiceNow integrations you need to know about that will enhance your functionalities even further:

1) Cisco CloudCenter

Price: Free

Compatible Versions: Helsinki Patch 4, Geneva, Fuji


The Cisco CloudCenter integration lets you seamlessly extend ServiceNow’s abilities. It allows provisions for configuration and management of servers and applications like MS SQL Server, Ubuntu, etc. to numerous cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, etc. You will be able to deploy your chosen application from the cloud provider you selected. You will also be able to access and manage all deployments from a central dashboard.

Key Features include:

  • A one-click application publishing from CliQr to ServiceNow
  • A shopping cart UI
  • The ability to get instant quotes from cloud providers
  • The ability to provision and terminate virtual servers and applications
  • The flexibility to suspend, resume or terminate your services whenever you want
  • The ability to approve workflows
  • CMDB CI conception and management
  • Dashboard and reporting

2) Splunk

Price: Free

Compatible Versions: Helsinki, Geneva, Fuji


The Splunk App integration allows for accelerated problem analysis and resolution. It does so by leveraging the ServiceNow Event Manager to create events and incidents on the ServiceNow platform. Splunk’s advanced analytics allows insights into numerous ITSM process metrics, spot unauthorized changes and proactively alert on emerging problems.



Key Features include:

  • The ability to trigger Splunk alerts in ServiceNow incidents
  • The ability to collect records from an incident, problem, change or CMDB
  • Agile reporting and advanced analytics
  • Cross-launch capability from ServiceNow to Splunk or vice versa

3) Trello

Price: Free

Compatible Versions: Fuji


The Trello App integration for ServiceNow allows users to leverage their Trello boards and cards for sharing updates with ServiceNow release and story records. The integration is synchronized bi-directionally for ServiceNow releases to Trello boards and vice versa.

Key Features include:

  • The creation of Trello boards from ServiceNow releases and vice versa.
  • The creation of Trello cards from ServiceNow stories and vice versa.
  • The updating of Trello cards from updates to ServiceNow stories and vice versa
  • The deletion of Trello cards due to change to a ServiceNow release

4) TeamViewer

Price: Free

Compatible Versions: Helsinki, Geneva, Fuji


A global leader in remote support with a best in class solution. TeamViewer has over 200 million users and supports more than 30 languages. You can use the TeamViewer App integration to seamlessly create a secure remote support session directly using your ServiceNow incident record. Incident records are automatically updated with TeamViewer session details.

Key Features include:

  • The ability to create and join a remote support session directly from a ServiceNow Incident.
  • It automatically adds session details to ServiceNow Incidents.
  • The TeamViewer Management Console provides an overview of sessions.
  • Fully encrypted TeamViewer sessions with secure remote support.

5) xMatters Intelligent Communication

Price: Free

Compatible Versions: Helsinki, Geneva


The xMatters ServiceNow integration offers a communication platform that allows organizations to swiftly alert the right person, at the right time, on the right device, when a critical issue arises. It reports and tracks all notification interactions within xMatters and moves them into the originating ServiceNow incident record. Users leveraging ServiceNow with xMatters claim up to a 70% reduction in their mean time to restore critical services.

Key Features include:

  • The notification of groups or individuals on all communication channels via Push notifications, SMS, calls and email.
  • The integration of communication across all IT systems— network and application monitoring, system, workload and service management.
  • The ability to integrate critical business processes to notify all users.
  • Defined preferences for on-call schedules and escalation rules.
  • The synchronization of groups and users within ServiceNow with xMatters.
  • It automatically annotates the original ServiceNow incident with communication status information.
  • Self-service management of notification subscriptions and device preferences.

The ServiceNow Enterprise IT Service Model founded on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles, with modular components, has allowed it to branch out into several verticals beyond IT Service Management like App Development, Security, Customer Service and HR. Stay tuned for our second set of 5 ServiceNow Integrations that You Need to Know About to learn more about valuable ServiceNow integrations.

ProV is a premium global ServiceNow integration and implementation partner that provides specialized ServiceNow services. To learn more about how to get a better ROI on your ServiceNow license, contact us today.

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