How to Increase Visibility, Availability and Agility: Learn ServiceNow’s Patented Approach To Streamline Your Business

May 08, 2017

How often does a panic attack strike you every time a critical business process goes down? How long does it take for you to identify the problem, notify the technician and dispatch? How long does it take you to quote an ETA to your client for the fix?

If your business still finds itself lost amongst the inchmeal practices that are sucking the life out of your enterprise with a time-consuming and resource-heavy manual approach, let us change your life.

ProV has partnered with ServiceNow’s pioneering approach to bring you service management implementation that increases your service visibility across the entire enterprise. ServiceNow’s patented platform includes automated infrastructure discovery, service mapping, and service orchestration that drastically reduces your downtime.

Moreover, you can now source for potential problems before the event and make changes before the issue escalates.

We can help you easily see the status of your business-critical processes and the infrastructure that supports them by establishing a framework for service visibility that increases availability and agility for your enterprise. Here, we list out a few ways to do just that.

Service-Aware CMDB

ServiceNow’s unified, service-aware CMDB remains at the heart of allowing you to gain maximum visibility. We build a data model that caters to all your critical infrastructure or process requirements by allowing you to bring together configuration management, asset management, application management, and change management in a single blanket.

How to Populate Your CMDB

Filling up your CMDB with the requisite information is pivotal to the success of your implementation. We recommend adopting a 2-part phased approach for consistent implementation.

Phase I: Automated Infrastructure Discovery

Obtaining information dispersed throughout various spreadsheets and local databases is time-consuming and not cost-effective at all. ServiceNow’s patented discovery tools allow you to discover individual apps, web servers, databases, physical hosts, virtual servers, routers, storage, and other various IT components spanning multiple IP addresses.

Phase II: Automated Service Mapping

Infrastructure discovery is not service-aware by itself. It might let you know where the app server is connected to 50 databases, but it won’t point to the specific databases used by that process. That is why ServiceNow and ProV recommend individual mapping of each service by automating the creation and maintenance of service maps showing services and their infrastructure dependencies. ServiceNow’s top-down service mapping is precisely designed to map a wide array of complex business services. It can significantly lessen your mapping time from weeks to hours with simplicity.

Monitor KPIs

Once you’ve established the automation of the infrastructure discovery and the service mapping, ServiceNow recommends using the following KPIs to periodically test and update your CMDB.

1) CMDB accuracy: Periodically testing automated discovery and service mapping processes to confirm that their CMDBs are up-to-date and accurate.

2) Operating expense (OpEx): Watching your operating expenses (OpEx) to help your management team be on top of the processes and also evaluate the cost-value of service management tools.

3) Time to resolution (TTR): Monitoring your increase in service visibility will allow you to always be in the know-how and evaluate the consequent reduction in the time to resolution (TTR).

Acquiring service visibility is one of the first phases of increasing availability and agility that supports better business outcomes.

If you’ve already purchased ServiceNow, but failed to get the desired benefits, let us know. We will assist you with a systematic guide that will not only transform your enterprise service delivery, but also continually improve service quality.

To learn more about getting the most out of your business using ServiceNow, you can contact us today.

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