Top 5 Benefits of Field Service Scheduling Software for Global Manufacturers

Oct 25, 2020

The upsides of adopting a fully automatic field service scheduling software suite are undeniable; allowing the scheduling algorithms to automatically manage resources most efficiently not only improves productivity but allows the dispatcher to concentrate on other, more valuable tasks. Despite this fact, a staggering 52% of field service companies still coordinate work and perform functions manually or using paper-based systems. Field Service software enables companies to manage time, costs, and resources effectively, making it a necessity for every organization. Some top benefits of FSM software for global manufacturers include:

1. Management of unexpected changes

Field operations are highly predisposed to unexpected and last-minute changes that affect daily schedules. These circumstances can range from the arrival of a new high priority service request, job overruns to late arrival of a technician due to traffic. When circumstances like this happen, it becomes very difficult to reconfigure the schedule for the rest of the day using a manual system. Automated software solutions, on the other hand, provide employees and customers with real-time visibility and immediate update of the changes as they occur, even down to a specific time slot for an engineer’s arrival.

2. Utilizing Mobile Applications

Many FSM solutions adopt a mobile-first approach, making them suitable for Android and iOS devices via mobile apps. Also, experts predict that by the end of 2020, more than 75% of field service organizations with over 50 users will deploy mobile apps beyond simplified data collection to include capabilities that help technicians succeed. These field operatives can benefit from a mobile app showing location and fastest route, customer assets, service history of the equipment needing attention, and enabling interaction among themselves and the back-office. Thus, fostering better-integrated operations.

3. Making Data-driven decisions using parameters

Besides helping to efficiently book service calls to your customers, this software also knows when not to book an appointment. Customers are never happy when technicians don’t have either the skill set or parts required to complete the job. Harnessing data on part availability and employee skills can ensure the right person with the right skill set and equipment is in place at your customer’s site. This also translates into a reduction in repeat call outs and enhanced customer experience.

4. Effective reduction of waste

Time spent by employees traveling to customer sites comes at a cost to your manufacturing business. They are on the clock during this time, yet it is not an event you can charge your customers. That’s why automated route and traffic mapping is essential. Your manufacturing software will enable the best available engineer to be selected and routed directly to the customer site – assisted by a simple drag and drop interface for work orders. Not only does this process save employees’ time, but it also decreases the wear and tear of your fleets and measurably reduces fuel costs.

5. Improving Staff Morale

Many field technicians might enjoy driving, but they all know it is inherently unproductive. What they want to do is spend their time working on-sites. The reduction in the travel-to-work time ratio achieved by a dynamic and well optimized schedule improves job satisfaction levels for field personnel and can increase retention rates.


With the global field service market expected to reach $4.45 billion by 2020, it is crucial for organizations, local and global, to embrace automation. From filling shifts in the event of unplanned absences to managing budgets; anticipating scheduling leads to maximizing productivity. Adopting the right solutions can ensure optimized production and boost revenue generation while enhancing worker mobility. Ready to learn more? Request a Free Consultation today!


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