The Top 10 Highest Rated Features of IFS Field Service Management Software

Aug 23, 2020

IFS Field Service Management software offers businesses an opportunity to provide personalized, connected services to their customers. It is essentially an enterprise software that is equipped with features that serve a plethora of business needs. Regardless of the industry they are in, IFS field service management software allows service providers to deliver outstanding service to their clients. It is a complete field service management software that can easily be designed to suit specific business needs. Here are the top 10 highest rated features of IFS field service management software:




Customer Engagement Management 


IFS Field Service Management software is big on Customer Engagement Management (CEM). It is ahead of the pack as far as FSM software goes with its 90% coverage of CEM characteristics. This feature facilitates customer engagement and ensures that field service enterprises are on top of their customer engagement strategies.


Inventory, Logistics, and Parts Planning 


IFS Field Service Management offers 94% coverage of Inventory, Logistics, and Parts Planning functions. It facilitates job scheduling and dispatch processes and ensures fast response times and improved real-time reactivity for field service operations. 




The integration feature is yet another key feature of the FSM software because IFS Field Service Management software is specifically designed for seamless integration with other business applications. It supports 100% of integration characteristics. 


Analytics and Reporting 


This is one of the key features of IFS FSM software. IFS Field Service Management software supports 92% of Analytics and Reporting features which enable businesses to manage big data more effectively. 


Work Order Management 


IFS Field Service Management software supports 95% of Work Order Management functions. With this feature, users can streamline back-of-office processes, diagnose service process issues and create service requests. It enables work order management by offering quick access to parts information. 

Spare Parts Management 


 IFS FSM also provides a parts management feature which helps users eliminate costs and improve inventory to balance stock and spare parts levels. This feature lets users know the quantity, pricing and location of available spare parts. 


Service Contract Management 


IFS FSM software offers a contract management feature. This feature allows users to effectively manage their contracts process by creating and monitoring their service contracts from initial pricing and quoting to billing and automatic renewals. It also prevents revenue waste.  


Warranty Management Software 


One of the features of IFS Field Service Management is warranty management. It covers 94% of contract and warranty features with a closed-loop claims process that is capable of increasing customer satisfaction. IFS application software is a warranty and invoice management software that can manage entire warranty lifecycles, decrease service costs and provide automation tools to streamline warranty processes.  


Product Estimate Management 


IFS FSM is designed to harmonize product estimates. This feature enables cost estimation for supplying; adding markups and additional costs to arrive at a final price.  


Warehouse Management 


IFS FSM software is designed to improve your warehouse management by handling units that are essential to the business process. This lends flexibility and traceability to aspects of your warehouse management processes like receipt, inventory, manufacturing and shipment. 




IFS Field Service Management has many features that can improve productivity and revenue. Ready to learn more? Request a Free Consultation today!


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