Things to Know Before You Buy Field Service Management Software

Jun 29, 2021

Things to Know Before You Buy Field Service Management Software  


Field service management software is a necessity for field service organizations to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Thus, the decision to buy field service management software is a major one.  

While field service management software generally improves productivity and profitability, the type of solution chosen will determine the level of improved profitability and productivity. For example, if virtual reality is important to the operations of the organization, the virtual reality features of management solutions should be noted. Let’s consider the general features that should be noted when choosing field service management software.  

User experience 

It is important to consider user experience before getting field service management software. The user experience of solutions is determined by features such as crash rates, ease of navigation, and speed. The speed and ease of navigation particularly influence user experience.  

Enhanced customer service should be the goal of applying management solutions. A poor user experience will cause a bad customer experience. A poor user experience will also cause the wastage of billable hours spent trying to figuring out the solution.  


The quality of support an organization offers will significantly influence the quality of user experience. Before buying field service management software, you should confirm that the organization provides high-quality customer support.  

Finding out the quality of customer support will require some form of research. Look out for the reviews of the solution and organization online. You will definitely get a clue into the quality of support you will get as a customer.  


Mobility is an essential feature to look out for when buying field service management software. The most efficient field service management solution should be available on mobile. This singular feature can significantly improve the overall experience.  

It is important to find out whether a management solution is available on mobile devices to ensure enhanced accessibility to techs. You also need to check out other important related features like payment scheduling and in-field triaging.  


You should look out for the frequency of updates when choosing field service management solutions. The frequency of updates is an indication of the commitment of the organization to delivering quality.  

Do a bit of research to get an idea of how often the solution is updated. You also want to check out the quality of the other products of the organization.  

Solutions that apply technologies like virtual reality require regular updates, and the frequency of updates should be confirmed before buying the product.  


Knowledge and training base 

You should know the extent of the knowledge and training base of the organization before buying field service management software. This is because users will definitely have a learning curve before getting all the features of the product.  

An organization with a large knowledge and training base will help the process of getting users to understand the solution. It will also save training costs as all that would be required will be a basic training session.  

We have now covered the key things you should know before buying field service management software. 


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