The Top 5 Azure Cloud Offerings for Growth Focused Businesses  

Nov 02, 2020

The Top 5 Azure Cloud Offerings for Growth Focused Businesses  

Microsoft Azure has made a name for itself in the cloud services industry, providing scalable and dependable services since 2008. Azure’s reputation is related to its offering a range of comprehensive services for growth-focused businesses. In this article, we consider the top 5 Azure cloud offerings for growth-focused businesses. If you’ve ever wondered why Azure, we are highlighting the top services offered by Azure that your business may need. 


  • Azure DevOps: Even though it is one of the first services Azure offered, it is still one of the most relevant services to date. The DevOps services are aimed at maximum and effective collaboration amongst teams. With the agile tools available, teams can plan, monitor, and discuss work effectively. Azure DevOps makes work smarter and faster. Azure Pipeline equips users to apply CI/CD to build, test, and deploy work. Azure Artifacts allows teams to share packages seamlessly. Other notable agile tools are Azure Repos for building codes and Azure Test Plan for running and shipping packages.  


  • Azure Cosmos DB: Cosmos DB  is an Azure cloud computing service aimed at helping businesses develop apps faster. For this reason, it is one of the most popular Azure cloud web hosting services, equipping developers for faster writes and reads. As a fully managed NoSQL database service, Cosmos DB is designed to achieve response times of single-digit milliseconds. With Azure Cosmos DB, businesses are equipped for maximum elasticity and productivity. The notable features of this service include the APIs for MongoDB, Cassandra, and SQL. This service also comes with high enterprise-level security.  


  • Virtual Machines: With Virtual Machines, one can create virtual machines in both Windows and Linux within an impressive time. This service is particularly suited for growth-focused businesses as it enables them to create virtual machines according to their specifications in record time, usually a few seconds.  This service, which is one of the first offered in the compute category, is especially important for high-level performance regarding the creation of applications. Enhanced performance, as well as security, are some of the top features of Virtual Machines. The per-second billing system of this service makes it exceptionally friendly. Users get to choose from any of the available virtual machines. The available options include general-purpose VMs, compute-optimized VMs, and burstable VMs.  


  • Azure Active Directory: This service is aimed at effective identity management and security at the enterprise level. Azure Active Directory empowers businesses to accept logins from multiple users at the same time. This service is especially crucial for the protection of personal identities, providing multi-factor authentication services. Azure Active Directory is an essential service for administrators. With Azure Active Directory, administrators ensure secure engagement as users are free from multiple cybersecurity threats. 


  • API Management: This service makes the secure and efficient management, publishing, security, and analysis of APIs possible. With this service, external and internal customers can publish APIs in a concise period, usually a few minutes. The security of operations is also guaranteed with API Management. 



The different Azure cloud computing services equip businesses to carry out essential processes efficiently and with ease. The five services highlighted above are most aimed at growth-focused businesses.  


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