ProV International Announces Special, One-Time Only Cloud Migration Offer for Tech Leaders

Apr 19, 2021

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(April 19, 2021) – ProV International, the award-winning global technology consulting firm, is bringing about far-reaching changes in the way technologies are used. The company has announced an important initiative of offering a special, one-time cloud migration offer to technology leaders, including CIOs and chief technology officers. The initiative assumes importance given the role of a savior being played by software and internet infrastructure during the ongoing pandemic.

ProV will enable technology leaders to get on the cloud at half the cost and in half the time, easily and without any hiccups, thanks to its partnership with several cloud pioneers. The collaboration will offer top-tier, growth-driving solutions. The special offer will further help global leaders to give a push to their organizational growth with customized, innovative solutions.

CIO's and technology leaders can now migrate their applications, on-premise software and databases, to a reliable provider. The promotion involves cloud migration services and is intended for enterprise organizations who qualify. Organizations who are interested in finding out of they qualify can  apply here. 

"As we grow, we aim to help more and more businesses future-proof their operations and build dependable systems that deliver enduring results. Our futuristic approach inspires us to change fast and learn more so we can continue to provide proven long-term results," said Ajit Nair from ProV International.

Cloud migration is a critical and major move undertaken by organizations that want to put their operations on the next level of growth. Cloud services allow running and managing IT software and infrastructure remotely, thus saving the costs and risks of physical, on-site hardware and services. Typical cloud migration benefits involve cost advantage, scalability, and lesser risk of cyber incidents.

ProV International is a global technology consulting firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida, aiding organizations to function seamlessly by streamlining their customer, employee & digital experiences. Among its many achievements over the past few years, including being winners of the prestigious Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service for seven years in a row.


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