How Microsoft Azure is Disrupting Cloud Migration

Jan 06, 2021

How Microsoft Azure is Disrupting Cloud Migration

Research has indicated that Microsoft Azure has over 120,000 users on a monthly basis. The flagship cloud platform has been dubbed the king of the cloud because of features that continually draw customers. 

This article takes a critical look at how Microsoft Azure is disrupting cloud migration. Specifically, elaborating on the features that have distinguished the platform.

  • Cost-effectiveness

One of the top reasons behind the success of Microsoft Azure is the cost-effectiveness. Users pay on a pay-as-you-go basis. The platform offers the best of security and a vast infrastructure at highly competitive prices.

Azure's payment structure particularly attracts businesses because it allows them access to the best technologies without incurring huge costs. The pricing structure helps businesses to keep their operations flexible. 

  • Security

Microsoft Azure has high-level security features that organizations can easily benefit from. In these times, every organization is a possible target of a wide range of cyberattacks and security breaches. Creating robust security systems costs a lot of money, which is not within reach of many organizations. This is why Microsoft Azure is particularly appealing to businesses. 

Security is a major feature that organizations look out for in a cloud platform. Azure offers top-level security and draws customers to itself.

  • Disaster recovery

Azure offers disaster recovery as a service to help businesses recover after disasters. Research has shown that businesses are bound to fold if a proper disaster recovery strategy is not in place. Disasters are largely unpredictable and can occur at any time. Azure offers services that can efficiently serve as the disaster recovery plan of a business. 

Instead of opening their operations to the risk of disasters because of the lack of resources needed for an extensive recovery plan, businesses opt for Azure. The costs of maintaining on-premises servers are also saved in the process.

  • Efficiency

Microsoft Azure is an agile platform, a feature that has drawn customers to it. Users can develop, test, develop, and maintain solutions on Azure much faster than on other cloud platforms such as Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. This agility of Azure is one of the features with which it is disrupting cloud migration. Components of Azure that are mostly responsible for its agility include Stack and ExpressRoute. With Stack, users get high-level innovation without losing control and flexibility. With ExpressRoute, users get faster and more reliable Internet connections. 

  • Hybrid model

With Azure, users can get a hybrid cloud model. The hybrid cloud model is suitable for when resources are kept on on-premises servers and the cloud. This model could be the most suitable for organizations that collect and manage sensitive data that cannot be stored in the cloud. 

Because of the hybrid model's availability, organizations that are not fully sure that cloud migration is the way to choose Azure. Such organizations send some resources to the cloud to optimize resources, monitor the process, and modify processes. 

Microsoft Azure has disrupted cloud migration because of the combination of features that have made the cloud more appealing to many businesses.


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