The Best Field Service Management Software for the Oil and Gas industry

Oct 25, 2020

In recent times, increased competition in the oil and gas sector has forced companies to seek more cost-effective solutions, including field service software. These organizations apply various systems to manage crews, projects, and tasks in different parts of the world. However, resource optimization in this industry requires more advanced features to ensure that tasks are performed in accordance with regulations and assets are protected against serious failures. This is why many oil and gas companies have adopted IFS. So far, IFS business software has been successfully deployed in more than 400 projects by Oil and Gas Companies, helping realize greater investment returns. Some key features that make IFS unique include:

Job Scheduling and Dispatching

Intelligent scheduling and dispatching are core processes or features of every reputable FSM software solution. Since field workers are the closest contacts to consumers that oil and gas companies have, dispatching is critical for customer satisfaction, and customers are delighted when a request is addressed quickly and efficiently. This is where IFS comes in. Using advanced algorithms, IFS FSM software considers factors such as availability, skill level, and geographical location when assigning jobs, thereby automating the scheduling and dispatch processes and improving productivity.

Work Order Management

Like everything else these days, work orders are now automated. Work order management is a unique feature of the IFS FSM software that streamlines the entire process and eliminates confusion. After a job is received and assigned, the technician who was assigned it is documented on the work order, so everyone can see who was responsible for completing it.

Further, this feature allows technicians to take notes, record video and audio, and take photos. This way, details of the fieldwork can be easily accessed by office staff or different technicians in the future with no worries of bad handwriting or lost notepads. After the job has been completed, they can mark them as such and view them later if needed.

Mobile Access

Additionally, this FSM system features a mobile-first interface solution that provides online and offline access to all of the system’s most essential resources. Using an FSM system’s mobile field app, your technicians can view their schedules and receive dispatches on any mobile device from any location and mark work orders as complete as soon as they finish the job. Mobile interfaces also give technicians access to instructional resources to help them efficiently diagnose and resolve errors, especially in complex equipment.

Parts Inventory Management

IFS helps oil and gas businesses to manage their asset by monitoring the inventory of the parts technicians use on a daily basis. Since oil field technicians likely use many of the same parts to complete various tasks and repairs, companies need to make sure that those parts are well-stocked at all times. The system records whenever a technician takes or uses a part, it keeps a real-time record of your stock and sends a notification once the inventory for a certain part reaches a predetermined level, so you always know when you need to order more.

Case, Contact and Order Management

Whatever your industry, your primary goal is to satisfy your customers. That’s why it’s crucial to have an efficient way of managing your customer base and their information. FSM solutions like IFS offer a customer database, which will contain your clients’ contact information, past work they’ve received, and any notes surrounding special considerations. With this information at your disposal, your technicians can learn from their past work orders, continuously improving customer service and customer satisfaction.


From the first call to final sign off, your customers anticipate a personalized, connected, and satisfactory service. To deliver those, you need a true end-to-end solution that enhances business efficiency, ensures fast response times, and real-time reactivity. From managing works orders, parts, and assets to contracts, warranty, invoicing, and billing, IFS offers you a complete, connected field service management software - so that you can deliver exceptional service to every customer, every time. Ready to learn more? Request a Free Consultation today!


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