Most Effective Ways To Overcome Your Field Service Management Problems

Dec 27, 2018

Field service management (FSM) refers to the complicated processes of planning and dispatching on-field workers to various locations to fulfill services promised. To do this effectively, field service organizations need to foresee service requirements, predict staffing needs, schedule seamlessly, and empower their employees with sufficient information to complete tasks. In the digital age, accomplishing all this is almost always dependent on technology. Consumer demand, even for field service organizations now holds every company to the highest of standards. Being unable to deliver is not an option.

Field service software like IFS FSM help companies optimize their entire service lifecycle. FSM software allows service companies to increase operational efficiency, improve revenue, decrease costs, and increase customer satisfaction. If you have been facing a few field service issues, here we list a few of the most common challenges faced by on-field service companies, and how technology can help.

Problem 1) Scheduling

Your clients expect you to deliver the services they paid for on time and you rely on your employees to match these expectations. Field service scheduling software helps everyone coordinate better. Service scheduling software lets you know your on-field technician locations in real-time, maintain their profiles and check their performance, as well as other details on their designated tasks. You can also route your work orders to the workers best suited for each job. FSM software can significantly increase your job completion rates, as well reduce the need for overtime.

Problem 2) Low First-Time Fix Rate

Perhaps the most important KPI for a field service company to consider is their first-time fix rate. Repeat visits cost you money, disrupt asset availability, and hit your reputation hard. FSM software

gives you better visibility over your resources and performance, and also arms your field technicians with all the information they need to diagnose and solve a problem in real time. Thus, bettering your first-time fix rates.

Problem 3) Worker Safety

On-field technicians sometimes have to work in the harshest conditions. From inside a factory, to under a mine, equipments need maintenance and fixing everywhere. How can field service management software help increase your worker safety? Some FSM tools like IFS can use IoT assets strategically placed across hazardous work environments that give regular updates on the status of equipments. Thereby, reducing the need for regular human maintenance rounds. Also, because FSM software let you know worker locations in real-time you are always aware where your worker is, and can immediately dispatch safety personnel if something were to occur.

Problem 4) Mobility

The most powerful field service management software can seem redundant if they aren’t supported on mobile devices. Thankfully, mobile field service software tools like IFS FSM are optimized for mobile, and provide similar experiences on all devices. If you partner with an award-winning IFS service provider like here at ProV, you also get access to our customized ProV Mobile Insights field service management app that lets you update your IFS software straight from your mobile device.

Achieving field service success is about providing a high standard of service and upholding what you promise. Field service software can help optimize all your field service tasks and employees so that you can better organize and dispatch your field resources that drive customer success. ProV’s IFS solutions can help you build a framework for on-field success. Ready to get started? Ask for a FREE Consultation today to learn more.

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