7 Ways Field Service Management Software is Shaping the Future of Remote Work

Aug 10, 2020

FSM software offers an excellent solution for remote work primarily in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the business landscape. One remote FSM software that is shaping the future of remote work is IFS Software. 


IFS FSM Software is a collaborative merged-reality software that blends two real-time video streams into an interactive environment. It is FSM software that allows two users to collaborate and interact in real-time while telestrating, freezing images, using hand gestures, and even adding real objects into the merged reality environment. This way, workflows and business process are enhanced so that technical support and customer service are easily accessible. Here are 7 ways field service management software is shaping the future of remote work:


Increased Efficiency 


Field agents no longer have to travel from office to office to access a client's devices as they can work remotely and help enterprises to deliver the best possible response times. FSM software offers updated technology for field service teams so an enterprise can source, manage and route projects to remote teams while managing other aspects of a project. 


Scalable Services


FSM software lets enterprises manage several systems so  that dispatchers can assign remote work based on the technician's skill set, experience, certifications, and location. Companies can cost-effectively run complex multi-site services at scale while balancing out field service demands. 


Work Order Management 


With field service management tools like ifs remote assistance, schedulers and dispatchers can now track automatic scheduling wherever they are. Customers now get prompt updates on the field agents assigned to them even as real-time push notifications decrease the pressure on customer support. Remote  FSM  software synchronizes work orders to avoid agent shortages or wild spikes in field demands. 


Centralized Operations 


A field service management tool like IFS FSM centralizes remote operations and simplifies decision-making and planning processes as decision-makers do not move between separated systems when they have all the data they need on a single dashboard. With FSM software the concept of the office becomes unnecessary for managing field services. 


Real-Time Collaboration 


Collaborative competence is one of the vital aspects of remote work. The remote FSM software facilitates seamless collaboration between field agents and provides key interactive technical support where and when needed. Real-time collaboration prevents downtime, applies resources more efficiently and makes remote work easier. 


Accurate Payment Processing 


Field service management tools also make invoicing and payment processing simpler by automating the invoice and payment processes. Contactless payment modes, synchronized transactions and updates to the customer's database ensure that payment processing becomes easy and seamless. 


Smart Field Inspections


FSM software provides updated technology for field service teams by providing automated checklists that allow field agents to carry out systematic inspections. These auto-generated reports come with timestamps, ensure reliability and accuracy in the field inspections.




Remote work is the future of business. Thankfully FSM software is making it easier for enterprises to exploit it fully to drive their business objectives. Ready to learn what IFS FSM can do for your business? Request a Free Consultation today!




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