Thinking About Service Dispatch Software? 6 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

Oct 25, 2020

It’s time to stop thinking about field service dispatch software and start using it. Operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction are key advantages of field service automation, powered by service dispatch software. FSM software enables dispatchers to be better organized and streamlines core digital processes. It also eliminates communication difficulties between field workers and dispatchers, which often led to longer wait times, distracted drivers, and human error. Here are six specific benefits of using software for dispatch:

Live GPS tracking links

Field service organizations rely on their fleet of vehicles to reach their goals—whether for transporting goods or performing a service. Advanced field service software arms your fleet with shareable, live GPS tracking links. Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers are devices that pinpoint vehicles’ locations and relay the data to the map on your mobile device. Regardless of how many technicians, orders, and vehicle dispatchers you are responsible for, GPS trackers help keep tabs on all of them and determine which employee is closest to a job site.

Dispatch software also provides precise and real-time ETAs and GPS tracking of deliveries to customers, which allows them to know exactly where their service is and when it will arrive—thus improving customer service.

Field Service Mobile Service

Before the introduction of FSM software, dispatchers manually assigned job sites to field technicians, using spreadsheets, phone calls, or pen and paper, which left room for human error. Now, scheduling and dispatch are done with the click of a few buttons from your smartphone or digital device.

Field service mobile service means providing mobile apps that manage work orders. Mobile apps help dispatchers to create, edit, and view work orders from anywhere on any device and assist technicians in placing service requests and eliminates paperwork. With digitized company work orders, dispatch managers have real-time visibility into field technician’s on-site activities from arrival to completion.

Quick Access to Full-Service Information

Quick and easy access to accumulated, shared service history via mobile apps is another benefit of an effective field service dispatch solution. This knowledge base ensures that your technicians are always prepared – even if a problem, customer, location, or piece of equipment is out of the ordinary – by providing them with written and graphical instructions and information.

Spare Parts Management

The right field service dispatch software can also assist with inventory and spare parts management. The benefits of field service management include the ability to deploy optimization tools to help predict the nature and solution of problems so that technicians will arrive with the right equipment and parts at all times. Customers are always delighted when field workers show up with the right parts. On the flip side, customer satisfaction can take a severe blow if the technician needs to return to the warehouse in order to collect the parts needed to carry out an urgent repair.

Preventative maintenance reporting

Sudden vehicle malfunction or breakdown during a service request can cause service delivery delays for customers. FSM dispatch software that leverages advanced technology innovations such as AI has in-built preventative maintenance features that can minimize this risk. Machine learning can identify any potential threats or anomalies in vehicle performance.

Eliminate time spent on tedious paperwork

Finally, many field services take advantage of dispatch software to eliminate time-consuming paperwork. With FSM, all processes that were previously done using paper-based systems like planning, scheduling, assigning jobs, work order management, service reports can be digitized. By cutting down time spent on paperwork, technicians will have more time to focus on their assignments.


When considering field service management, best practices think field service dispatch software solutions. The reports and visibility that FSM software provides help service businesses make data-driven decisions for their operations, clarify business objectives, deliver better customer service, and operate safely. It also helps them to stay competitive and increase their bottom line. Curious about how Service Dispatch software will impact your business? Request a Free Consultation today!


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