IFS Field Service Management vs ServiceMax: Which One Should You Choose?

Aug 23, 2020

Today's businesses have been forced to adjust to the demands of an ever-evolving digitized business landscape. The rising need for mobility with IoT has led to the use of field service management software as a means of staying competitive in the service management industry.   


IFS Service Management and ServiceMax are two of the leading FSM software packages. As far as the service management industry goes, both field service management software offer a ton of benefits to their users.  


Due to these benefits, prospective users are hard-pressed to make the right choice between the two. This article compares both applications to help prospective users make informed decisions that suit their peculiar business needs.  




ServiceMax is a cloud-based field service management tool which provides integrated applications for managing employees and customers. It is best for small-scale enterprises across various industries including medical, energy, mining, manufacturing and utilities.  


ServiceMax's features make it a great resource for meeting different business goals like contract management, task scheduling, social collaboration and customer service. ServiceMax helps to manage customer contracts in a user-friendly format by ensuring that the information provided is accurate and can easily be accessed by employees. It also helps to manage technicians' time and increase their efficiency with task execution. One of the key ServiceMax benefits that have made it a popular field service management software is inventory management. This functionality allows for tracing, returns, and repairs of parts. One other key ServiceMax benefit is that it has robust reporting tools while being Salesforce dependent. It allows for the easy access of data by employees who need to access key data as soon as possible. 


Although ServiceMax comes with many benefits, it has a few drawbacks too. ServiceMax is slow. The process of data management can be improved as well. It is also tedious to apply because it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Finally, it has issues integrating with Apple products. 


IFS Field Service Management 


IFS Field Service Management software is one of the key service management software in the industry. It is great for ad-hoc reporting, the querying of datasets, inventory management, processing orders, and managing EDI transaction sets. IFS Field Service Management software enables optimized end-to-end service delivery and intelligent mobile workforce scheduling, increasing service productivity, delivering operational efficiencies and facilitating vital customer satisfaction. 


It is a complete, connected solution that offers powerful features for mobile field service, reverse logistics, spare parts management, IoT-connected service and omnichannel customer engagement.IFS Field Service Management software also offers tools which completely cover the service lifecycle while being easily configured to meet diverse business needs regardless of the industry. 


With IFS Field Service software, querying database records is straightforward. Queries can then be broken down to individual records or exported for further analysis. 

IFS Field Service Management software is not without its cons too. Users of IFS field service software will find it difficult to execute field customization tasks. This is a big drawback given the importance of this task. 




The answer to the question "which of the two field service management software is better?" will largely depend on the nature of the business process it is meant for and what you aim to achieve in the end.  Ready to learn more? Request a Free Consultation today!


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