How Cloud Managed Services Can Help With Your Digital Transformation

If you had the choice, would you spend more time managing your cloud services and software, or would you spend that time on your core business functions and managing day-to-day operations? That is the question many CIOs struggle while answering.

They end up weighing the security concerns and cost effectiveness of outsourcing, while wondering about how to best utilize internal resources. Many organizations get caught in this conundrum, unable to actually achieve the digital transformation that would gain them a competitive edge.

Enterprise service management tools can help companies streamline processes, improve quality, and meet growing expectant digital demands. However, if organizations are to truly embrace the digital revolution, they need to look beyond just using the products, but enabling innovation with the help of technology.

The Shift from Tactical to Strategic IT


IT teams of growing companies today, have do much more than putting out fires and being a tactical resource. They help create real value for their organizations by providing services and managing resources to be able to work more efficiently and effectively. IT teams can help streamline and automate process, cut out redundancies, detect and fix security gaps, and contribute vividly in service delivery.

But what happens when your client portfolio gathers pace? We find IT teams stretched thin, as they struggle to juggle the increased workload. This is more crucial for service-based industries, that are often highly competitive. Flawless service delivery is no longer the aim, it is expected.

The monotonous upgrade procedures, patches, and monitoring of enterprise cloud software can take up valuable time from your highly skilled IT resources, who could’ve been helping your core business make revenue instead.

Capabilities and Challenges of Adopting Enterprise Software  


A highly skilled IT department is at the heart of every innovative company, yet they are no good if they are buried under a mountain of emails and responding to ad-hoc requests. To meet these challenges, CIOs and IT leaders have started to embrace enterprise software and find ways of evolving processes with innovation and best practices that propel business growth. In recent years, ITSM software has progressed beyond the realms of traditional IT and can now help automate applications to modernize business processes such as HR workflows and employee on-boarding, finance processing, and security and organizational compliance.

However, there are two major challenges that enterprises face while adopting new software, that often keep them from realizing the full potential of their application. One, as we talked about before, overstretched IT teams often don’t find time to help with the software adoption, or create training manuals, and fix bugs. Two, the service management vendors themselves lack the necessary domain expertise to build feature-rich best-of-breed solutions that can prioritize each separate business department. That is understandable considering it is difficult for any vendor to do everything well at once.

Managed Services and Your Digital Transformation


The significant enhancement of technology has enabled consumers to be more involved in their decisions, while also expecting a fast and easy user experience. Changing your service management strategy to agile will be key for overcoming the challenges and drive customer success. Managed service providers (MSPs) can help businesses move from outdated silo-based practices and create value for their customers. 

MSPs can provide you with the following benefits, that will help with your digital transformation:

  • Manage your cloud based enterprise software including upgrades, patches, and monitoring
  • Customize and configure your enterprise application according to your specific needs
  • Help with software adoption across your enterprise with training and educational material
  • Help with strategic initiatives including risk management, project portfolio management, etc.
  • Manage organizational security and compliance by following best practices and government rules
  • Free up your internal IT staff to help with your core business

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