Get Rid of Email: Leverage the 6 Best Capabilities of ServiceNow Ticketing

Jul 19, 2017

It’s easy to come to work on a Monday morning, open your email and be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of unread emails you need to respond to. In fact, it's not that uncommon. The situation turns graver if some of those emails require assistance for a critical IT failure, but gets lost in the clutter.

Getting a handle on IT service management problems is imperative for the overall success of any business. Any enterprise that has a vested interest in understanding its technical support requirements (customer satisfaction, user-feedback, transparency, and goodwill) needs a well-implemented service desk in liaison with a ticketing system.

This is where ServiceNow comes in. ServiceNow is a completely cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that streamlines and aligns all your internal processes without the annoyance of having to buy or maintain expensive infrastructure or additional software.

While IT ticketing can be considered like email with respect to its flexibility, simplicity, and swiftness, ticketing services allow you to do additional things that most email services cannot. ServiceNow has revolutionized automated servicing capabilities for enterprises and eliminated the dependencies of organizations from email and spreadsheets. Here we have compiled a list of 6 areas where ServiceNow ticketing outshines email:

1) Centralized Point of Contact (with Tracking & Metrics)

In cross-functional response teams, a ticket relieves the team of the burden of having to “cc” other members. A ticket is visible to all members. A ticket also holds a system of records that logs all the key information related to the incident and tracks it till resolution.

Additionally, it saves the record for future use.

2) No Spam Filters & Email Clutter

Spam filters typically work fine for personal email accounts, but set your settings too low and you'll be overflowing with junk; however, set them too high and you miss important service emails. Ticketing systems provide an organized approach streamlined for efficiency. Also, unread responses are marked with flags and repeatedly shown to the response agent until resolution.

3) Workflow Prioritization

The ability to apply a customized workflow for incident resolution based on the importance of tasks is an added advantage of ticketing over generic email.

4) Emphasizes Transparency

Ticketing systems already categorize and direct incoming traffic per customized response teams. It supports delegation of your support resources optimally by tracking which departments or teams are receiving the highest traffic.

5) Improves Collaboration

While you can customize your own email account per your needs, rarely can you repeat the feat as you add more accounts for your teams. Also, you might not want to share your mailbox with the rest of the team. In a ticketing system, everyone can view and edit tickets in a ticket tracking system and helps improve collaboration for teams.

6) Eases Continuity

Personalized email systems are dependent on specific employees. Once they leave, it takes the painful process of knowledge transfer to the next person. With a centralized system, the same methodology continues irrespective of change in personnel.

ProV is a certified implementation partner of ServiceNow and understands that the critical dependency of your business on its IT systems to deliver services, means you cannot miss an incident, or your business halts. Emails just aren’t designed to handle such large volumes of incoming requests.

Our ServiceNow ticketing implementation help allows your support professionals to maintain a database and manage queries. We also ensure that your team does not have to deal with issues while providing support directly from their inboxes. To learn more about how we can help you get rid of email clutter, you can drop a mail at

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