How An Average Field Service Company Can Turn Into A Billion-Dollar Business

Jun 29, 2021

How An Average Field Service Company Can Turn Into A Billion-Dollar Business 



Billion-dollar businesses can be birthed from an average field service company. Such a feat is achievable with the application of proven measures and principles. This article highlights the core measures and principles that can guarantee the success of the average field service company. There are estimates of the ability to turn an average field service company into a billion-dollar business over time.  

Inventory management 

Inventory management is critical to the successful operation of field service companies. With proper inventory management, the field service company will be able to track its resources and apply them efficiently.  

A proper inventory management process is especially important for achieving high first-time fix rates. Technicians routinely need parts to fix issues. If these parts are always available, clients’ requests will be quickly fixed, and clients will be happier and more likely to recommend the service to other people. 

Digital products are important for achieving proper inventory management. Manual inventory management is prone to a lot of errors. Since inventory management is a critical process in the field service sector, digital tools should be strategically applied for the most efficient inventory management.  


Scheduling is another critical process in the field service sector. An average field service company can become a billion-dollar business when it gets scheduling right.  

Any organization that wants to grow and achieve significant growth over time should get its scheduling right from the get-go. Getting scheduling right means sending the most suitable tech for every job and sending them as soon as possible.  

Field service management tools particularly focus on scheduling because of the critical role it plays in the success of field service organizations. Scheduling is one of the basic processes in the field service sector that could be automated to significantly improve productivity and profitability. Field service management solutions apply intelligent scheduling to send the most suitable technician for every job and are designed to handle flexible scheduling.  

Estimating and invoicing 

Making and sending estimates and invoices are critical operations in a field service business. Automating these basic operations can significantly improve the productivity and profitability of the average field service company.  

Creating and sending estimates and invoices can be automated with the different field service management solutions. Firstly, it will ensure the correct recording and filing of jobs. With proper estimating and invoicing, customer satisfaction can also be significantly improved because every aspect of the job will progress seamlessly.  


The field service sector is fast-paced, and it is only natural for organizations to align their operations according to the industry’s pace. Mobile tools and solutions are important for building a billion-dollar business out of the average field service company.  

With mobile solutions, field service companies can significantly improve the quality of communications between customers, techs, and admin staff. Techs can easily get notified about work orders with mobile solutions. The notifications from mobile tools can particularly improve the allocation of resources.  

The average field service company can be strategically developed into a billion-dollar business. The above are the core aspects to focus on to achieve such a feat.                                       


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