Facts About Field Service Providers Revealed

Jun 29, 2021

Facts About Field Service Providers Revealed


Field service providers are organizations that cater to the general and specific needs of customers and clients which include individuals and businesses. As direct service providers, field service providers continuously strive to offer improved and better field service support. Let's consider some of the most recent ways that field service providers are adapting their operations to offer better field service support.  

Proactive and predictive maintenance 

Proactive and predictive maintenance is currently a focus of field service providers. Field service providers are increasingly applying technology for proactive and predictive maintenance. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that has been particularly applied for predictive maintenance. With IoT, field service providers can get triggers about systems and machines. Thus, field service providers get the necessary information for making repairs before systems and machines break down.  

Mobile apps and APIs 

Field service providers are increasingly applying mobile apps and APIs in improving the quality of service they offer. Multiple trends of applying mobile apps and APIs have been established in the field service sector.  

Mobile solutions are applied for the efficient scheduling and dispatching of technicians. These solutions are also applied in improving the quality of communications between technicians and customers.  

The application of mobile tools particularly improves the quality of customer service that field service providers can apply. Research has shown that the application of mobile tools is a serious focus of field service providers. These organizations are increasingly pushing the boundaries of what is achievable with mobile applications and solutions. The enhanced adoption of mobile apps and APIs is a clear strategy that field service providers are applying for providing better field service support.  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two of the top technologies that field service providers are applying to improve the provide better field service support. The enhanced field support comes from the fact that both technologies equip the organizations with the resources and insights needed to prepare accordingly for jobs and increase the first-time fix rate.  

There are predictions that by around 2025, a notable proportion of field service providers will apply AI and ML for scheduling and dispatching. Both technologies will make field service management systems smarter and guarantee better field service support.  

The increased adoption of AI and ML will mean that field service providers will have proper insights on replacement parts as well as repair history. The application of AI and ML will directly improve first-time fix rates and ensure better field service support.  


Field service providers are particularly focused on applying self-service tools such as self-service apps and portals. These solutions directly improve the quality of customer service and ensure better field service support.  

With the self-service portals and apps, customers can directly request services through an interface without directly reaching out to the field service providers. The application of self-service apps and portals guarantees seamless interactions between the service provider, tech, and customers.  

One fact that is sure about field service providers is that they are striving to offer better field service support. We highlighted the ways that these organizations are providing better field service support in this article.  

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