9 Reasons a Manufacturing Business Can Benefit From Field Service Management Software

Oct 25, 2020

As today’s manufacturers realize the value of delivering customer experiences that engage and delight, one area receiving increased attention is field service. However, the field service department is rife with challenges from material and spare parts shortages, ineffective service management, monitoring inventory performance, decreasing waste, or related expenses to overlapping assignments. These issues derail manufacturing operations, reduce productivity and customer satisfaction while increasing costs and inefficiencies. The good news is that these companies can turn the whole situation around by leveraging new technology innovations and digital transformations like Field Service Management software. Some significant benefits of using FSM software for manufacturing include:

Improved Management

As the name implies, FSM software is effective in helping manufacturing businesses manage their various field-related operations. Managing the workforce, assigning tasks, handling customer requests, managing multiple assets of the company, etc. can be efficiently controlled using a reliable Field Service Management Software. A key recipe for remaining competitive in today’s market.

Eliminates Paperwork

Reputable FSM vendors provide a solution that replaces manual processes and removes paperwork inefficiencies. This is done by digitizing workflow from the initial order preparation to the documentation of the order execution and order confirmation. By eliminating paperwork, FSM software prevents duplicate data entries and promotes data integrity.


A good FSM solution automates in a very streamlined fashion every activity that occurs outside the four walls of the office. It provides built-in intelligent scheduling, dispatching, and optimized algorithms that can generate work activities and, in real-time, find the best-suited field technician to be on-site to perform the work activity. The software also drives billing speed and accuracy, removing that burden from the technician.

Top-tier information

Besides automation, an FSM solution presents the field service technician with all assets, customer information and guidance necessary to execute field tasks. It helps field technicians manage spare parts and consumables inventories. It provides support for the management of in-house machine assets used by manufacturing organizations, thereby driving efficiency.

Real-time access

The best FSM vendors provide a system that can be connected to an organization’s back-end ERP. This is crucial because it allows straight-through processing of spare parts inventory information, work time, and costs, and allow faster invoice generation. It also provides more robust, cohesive field operations.

Data analysis

An ideal FSM solution not only optimizes the end-to-end field service life-cycle but is also able to automatically capture the relevant data to calculate the costs and efficiency of the field technicians for continuous improvements.


Since FSM software functions as a single tool used in consolidating all FSM activity, it promotes greater data and decision accuracy. For example, FSM solutions ensure more precise tracking of inventory in the service supply chain. By making sure parts are documented when they are taken from stock or acquired from supply houses or colleagues nearby, this software encourages optimal parts placement and inventory levels, and drives supply house relationship improvements.

Mobile-friendly tasks

Today FSM Software is designed to be compatible with mobile phones through mobile applications. Mobility provides a wide range of opportunities for field workers, technicians, and managers. It greatly improves technician productivity, allows them to handle various tasks from remote locations, and receive updates and new assignments on their mobile devices.


The primary setback of a manual approach to field service is the absence of real-time, tethered, or untethered mobile communication with the field staff, leaving them unable to effectively deal with unexpected changes. With FSM software and mobile devices providing real-time, two-way communication, schedulers and service teams can respond quickly to dynamic circumstances and alert the customer, reorganize priorities, and address any challenges from the field.


While it is critical for manufacturing businesses to holistically embrace FSM software to improve productivity in their field service area, it is more important to choose the right FSM solution. When assessing FSM solutions, consider a system that can provide these benefits and more like IFS. IFS Field Service Management software provides best-in-class domain-specific solutions that enable manufacturers to be agile and evolve over time to ensure a good ROI. Ready to learn more? Request a Free Consultation today!


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