6 Ways Construction Companies Use IFS Field Service Management Software to Manage Their Teams

Aug 21, 2020

At the moment, construction companies have to manage multiple tasks that are part of a project simultaneously. Different contractors, diverse workforces with varying levels of skills and logistics demands must be managed effectively. Then there is the managing of different timelines and the level of flexibility needed to stay on top of any incident (disruptive or not) that occurs during construction processes. Managing all of that would be extremely demanding without IFS Field Service Management software. 




IFS offers an engineering and construction ERP solution that allows construction companies to control and grow their businesses using a solution that is designed to meet engineering, construction and infrastructure industry demands. Here are six ways that construction companies use IFS Field Service Management software to manage their teams. 


Optimized Use of Resources 


The optimized use of resources is tied to effectively managing a field service team. The IFS FSM platform is a great construction field management software because it facilitates effective resource allocation and management by creating the right workflows. So tasks are allocated to the best matches while tasks are easily completed using minimal resources.




With the right engineering and construction ERP solution like IFS Field Service Management software, construction companies can demand accountability from their teams. With IFS FSM software, it becomes easier to track field processes daily. 


 Control of Documents 


IFS FSM software for construction teams provides a safe place for project management documentation. This enables project managers to store and manage relevant data to execute risk assessments efficiently. Proper documentation and control of documents also helps the construction companies. 


Enhanced Collaboration 


The information from IFS engineering, and construction ERP solutions is consolidated and shared much more easily among construction teams. It eliminates lags in communication and provides easy, real-time updates that keep team members in the loop about things that pertain to construction projects. 


Customer Relationship Management 


IFS FSM software enables your team to manage your customers better. With the right FSM software for constructions teams, construction companies can enhance customer experiences by avoiding recurrent late appointments, cancelled appointments, and double bookings. Your team can leverage real-time information to Increase customer engagements and improve customer experiences uniquely. 


Real-time Updates 


One of the secrets of managing a field team is providing real-time updates for your team of technicians. They can make wise decisions based on information received from the reporting and analytics capabilities of the IFS FSM software. The best part is that the software is cloud-based, so they have access to real-time updates on all the relevant information. 




Construction companies that are looking to stay ahead of their competition are using IFS FSM software to manage their teams effectively. Want these benefits for your business? Contact Us Today!


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