5 Ways to Triple Your Field Service Revenue

Jun 29, 2021

5 Ways to Triple Your Field Service Revenue




Improving profitability is the goal of organizations in any sector. For the field service industry, the aim should be to improve their field service revenue. Field service organizations could even triple their field service revenue, the focus of this article. Let’s consider how field service organizations can triple their revenue in this article.  

Provide the best quality of customer service 

The field service sector is one sector where improved customer service can triple revenue. Field service organizations directly interact with customers and can effect measures to directly improve the quality of customer service.  

One of the ways that field service providers can improve customer service by increasing the first-time fix rate. The first-time fix rate is a clear indication of how quickly customers' issues are fixed. Several factors contribute to the first-time fix rate. These factors include ensuring to track fleet and technicians for the efficient allocation of all kinds of resources.  

Analyze customer data routinely 

Apart from committing to track fleet and technicians and generally improving the quality of customer service, field service providers can commit to analyzing customer data routinely. Field service organizations routinely collect data during maintenance, repair, and other operations.  

The large volume of data that field service organizations collect can be strategically applied to improve their service revenue. Thus, a field service provider can particularly commit to analyzing customer data routinely to improve service revenue.  

To apply customer data to triple service revenue, field service providers should analyze customer data after every job. After each case, collected data should be analyzed to understand the productivity of the team and note measures that could be applied to improve productivity.  

When organizations are committed to analyzing customer data routinely, they can easily identify errors and deviations and optimize their operations.  

Empower technicians 

Field service providers can equip technicians with tools and resources for improving their productivity. Apart from deciding to track fleet and technicians, field service organizations can empower their technicians with mobile solutions to improve their productivity.  

For example, with a mobile solution, technicians can access extensive information about the work orders they take. They can also enter important data about the job and mark jobs as complete when they are done.  

By empowering technicians, field service organizations improve the ROIs and can eventually triple their service revenue.  

Maximize technology 

Field service organizations can triple service revenue by maximizing different forms of technology. The Internet of Things is a technology that could be applied to significantly improve service revenue. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are other technologies that could be applied to significantly enhance service revenue.  

Technology enables organizations to provide high-quality customer service through predictive repair and maintenance and enhanced communications and interactions. 

Automate core processes 

Field service organizations can automate their core processes to significantly improve their productivity and service revenue. Becoming paperless is one of the best steps an organization can take towards enhanced service revenue. When the core processes are automated, field service providers can accurately track fleet and technicians and eliminate different forms of errors.  

We have now highlighted five simple ways with which field service providers can significantly improve their productivity and even triple their revenue.  


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