5 Ways to do More Service Work with Fewer Technicians

Jun 29, 2021


Every field service company can benefit from more efficient technicians. When technicians become more efficient, field service companies can get more work done with fewer technicians. The ability to do more service work with fewer technicians is thus one of the most important field service KPIs. Here are the top tips for doing more service work with fewer technicians.  

Track productivity  

Tracking productivity is a simple trick for enhancing the efficiency of techs and doing more service work with fewer techs. Tracking productivity helps because it enables the organization or manager to efficiently assign or allocate time for specific tasks.  

If an organization the average time it takes techs to complete different tasks, the average time it takes to complete different tasks and operations could be estimated.  

Create incentives 

Creating incentives enhances the efficiency of techs and is a straightforward path to doing more service work with fewer technicians.  

To encourage efficiency, incentives could be created around specific tasks. The incentive could be extra pay or the right to choose the next job they will take. Keeping the pay of technicians competitive, in line with the industry and location, is the basic measure that creating incentives should be built upon. 

Start with paying competitive wages and follow up with creating incentives to work towards essential field service KPIs.  

Equip techs 

Equipping techs simply translates to empowering them to achieve enhanced productivity. The right tools and environment will bring out the best from even the most average technician.  

By the right tools, we mean a combination of the physical tools techs need for carrying out different operations, from the basic tools to the critical tools, to the expert training they need. A few well-trained and equipped techs will always provide more value than a battalion of ill-equipped and trained counterparts.  

Equipping techs with the expert tools and knowledge they need to perform is simply empowering them to achieve key service KPIs.  

Improve communication 

Communication hurdles manifest in diverse ways in the field service industry. Eliminating the hurdles is a simple tip for enhancing the productivity of techs.  

Communication hurdles could manifest in the form of difficulty in communicating with techs or linking clients with the techs. The hurdles could also manifest as difficulty in canceling or switching work orders as required.  

To eliminate communication hurdles, field service organizations should work towards automating essential communication channels.  

Provide constructive feedback 

Providing constructive feedback to techs helps them to stay motivated and deliver excellently on all tasks. Constructive feedback is especially necessary for techs that seem to not be performing at their best.  

If it seems like some techs are not performing at their best, managers should take out time to consider the quality of the work of the techs and provide constructive feedback. 

Providing constructive feedback works like equipping techs with the right tools and expert skills and knowledge.  

Being able to do more service work with fewer technicians is a function of equipping the team in different ways to meet field service KPIs.    


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