5 Biggest Reasons your Azure Cloud Need to be Monitored 

Nov 02, 2020

5 Biggest Reasons your Azure Cloud Need to be Monitored 

Azure cloud infrastructure and services have remained very crucial in the world of IT and operations generally. This is why the importance of monitoring your Azure cloud infrastructure cannot be overemphasized.  

IT infrastructure monitoring is the deployment of a built-in knowledge base, which can be used to diagnose performance and availability problems across the technology stack automatically.  

In other words, IT infrastructure monitoring only creates opportunities to proactively pinpoint security risks and mitigate operational issues before they adversely impact customers. 

Cloud Monitoring Services can automatically scan your entire Azure cloud infrastructure, gather and report performance insights, and take actionable measures to optimize performance and mitigate issues. 

Why Monitor Azure Cloud Infrastructure? 

  • Proactive Detection: Cloud monitoring helps you detect cloud anomalies and troubling patterns and identify emerging issues. This enables you to fix small problems before they get bigger. Cloud monitoring rapidly recognizes unauthorized changes and website defacement than the IT workforce will notice on their own. 
  • Effective Monitoring: Cloud monitoring helps you promptly discover the root cause of a problem. This is due to the integrated control panel that enables your IT department to monitor dashboards, alerts, metrics, and other tools in one place. 
  • Cost-Effective and Profitable: Prevention through monitoring ensures less expenditure. The Pro-activeness associated with monitoring of infrastructure helps prevent financial losses arising from undetected failure of systems. 
  • Increased Productivity: Improved performance breeds productivity; thus, it is essential for IT teams to monitor different systems' interactions within the network closely. This to identify areas that need improvement. 
  • Global Visibility: You must monitor your cloud infrastructure from multiple regions across the globe to ensure that customers enjoy desired performance levels, regardless of their location. A standard monitoring system ensures your Azure cloud infrastructure is being closely watched, even in the event of a regional outage. 


Azure cloud infrastructure is often comprised of multiple locations that encompass private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments. However, the challenge remains how to quickly identify and correlate problems before they affect end-users and, ultimately, the organization's productivity. One way of doing this is by monitoring your Azure cloud environment to ensure optimal performance and business continuity. 


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