2 Things Your Enterprise Software Must be Able to do for Your Business

Oct 17, 2017

Enterprise management software should be able to do multiple things to add value and be an asset for an organization. Typically, growing businesses add multiple softwares, like accounting software, inventory management software, problem management software, field service management software, etc. as they go along. The ultimate success or failure of these software programs within your organization depends on how your employees can harness their potential. User experience is key.

However, creating a vibrant user experience (UX) for all of these softwares is more than just creating a fancy design. Your enterprise software needs to be holistic about creating an effective and intuitive interface that should be simple to learn, as well as easy to use and configure.

Whatever the product you choose to simplify your everyday operational challenges, your enterprise software must be able to do the following 2 things well.

1) Go Live All-at-Once

Change management is tricky. As such, you want your team to be able to ride the wave of enthusiasm of a new software being installed whilst they are committed to learning. Eagerness fades away with time. No business application is perfect. Thus, waiting for years and years before deployment often offers limited benefits. Your enterprise software must be able to go live expeditiously.

IFS Applications, powered by tools like IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI), provide a blueprint that defines your strategy, processes, and KPIs via templated solutions and short-focused scoping strategies that radically reduce your implementation completion timeline.

Obviously, you should still take the time for thorough user acceptance testing, re-testing critical workflow feasibility, and other important aspects of the software. But, deliberating at the boardroom level over small nuances is not worth it. You must take the initiative to roll-out as fast and efficiently as possible.

2) Scale as You Grow

Businesses today are more dynamic than ever and organizations are now evolving themselves on the go. To keep up with you and your growing demands, your enterprise software must be able to scale and evolve with you. You shouldn’t have to change your software if you change your business model. IFS Applications combines comprehensive integration capabilities within its software to provide deep functionalities for other business functions like HR, payroll, finance, supply chain, and project management. Enterprise software, like IFS, relieves you of having to invest in monolithic systems that require humungous effort to adjust if your business model evolves.

ProV is a global IT service delivery enterprise and an IFS partner delivering high quality IFS Applications configured to meet your specific needs and quickly adapt to change. ProV IFS Services can help you accomplish all strategic, operational, and tactical organizational goals and lets you get more from your enterprise software investment. To learn more about how we can optimize your enterprise software for maximum ROI, drop a comment below or contact us today.

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