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ProV’s offers an accelerated path to streamline and automate your business with UiPath technology. Digitally transform your organization with the power of Robotic Process Automation ( RPA ). Thousands of companies have finally made the switch to automate high-volume, repetitive tasks that would otherwise take human workers hours or days to complete. ProV’s RPA solutions provide businesses with incredible savings and return on investment. The benefits of Robotics Process Automation ( RPA ) include:


No Disruption to Underlying Systems

Unlike traditional automation solutions, UiPath integrates seamlessly relieving your team of stress when launching the new system. Finally, experience continuous availability while applications are developed and deployed.

Your current systems stay in-tact while RPA integrates transparently, leveraging existing infrastructure to produce a non-disruptive environment. Keep your business running at the speed you demand.


Business Driven with Support from IT

Robotics Process Automation is capable of easily mimicking human user actions. This allows your human employees to focus more on high-value core competencies, that ultimately increase your bottom line. Our robots are capable of streamlining tasks such as: data extraction, open emails and attachments, make calculations, read and write databases, move files and folders, copy and paste data, login to applications and connect to your systems APIs.

Highly Scalable Platform

Highly Scalable Platform

One of today’s major business challenges is successfully implementing a plan to reduce manual error rates and process time. Enterprises are struggling to grow and sustain a competitive advantage due to a sluggish workflows and workplace inefficiencies. ProV offers a highly scalable platform that seamlessly integrates into your system and instantly deploy more robots as you go. RPA allows you to finally enjoy operational predictability.

ProV’s Robotic Process Automation Solutions deliver profitability and improve accuracy

Desktop Automation

Automate rule-based business and IT processes. UiPath introduces a visual way of automating a business process in which users can use it in the same way they use a Visio diagram.

You simply indicate on the desktop screen what operation you need to perform. UiPath scripts are very visual and understands at the logical control level. Our system does not rely on the position of elements on the screen, in-turn making desktop automation more reliable.

Web Automation

Businesses and applications today are widely structured on web-based systems. Information that populates these systems is dense and demands extensive processing. Many of the tasks involved are repetitive, tedious and take up a lot of time and money. This is where web automation comes in.

Form filling, screen scraping, data extraction and transfer between applications, website testing and periodical report generation are major common tasks that can readily benefit from web automation.

GUI Automation

GUI Automation is the essential support tool for screen scraping, automated testing, automated data entry, application integration, and content migration. It can act as the last resort when dealing with legacy apps that offer no other API, and it enables users to easily automate tedious and repetitive tasks. UiPath provides the most accurate and rich GUI automation software that can handle any application without the slightest disturbance.

Screen Scraping

Screen Scraping is an important part of data migration and integration scenarios. It enables modern apps to talk with legacy apps that do not offer an API and is the complement to the data entry side of automation. UiPath is providing the first 100% accurate, extremely fast screen scraping tool.

Citrix Automation

It’s a fact that many applications today are published via Citrix XenApp. A Citrix server only sends screenshots of the live application that runs on the Citrix server back to the client, so UiPath cannot access the logical elements that make up the user interface. UiPath went to great lengths to make Citrix automation possible: featuring a powerful image recognition engine that is optimized to find images on the screen in under 100 milliseconds.

Mainframe Automation

Today, mainframes continue to play a strategic role in the IT logic of many organizations. They act as efficient data stores and reliable workhorses for complex processing. Meanwhile, the current business climate calls for the integration of mainframes with new applications and architectures. The challenge is to unlock the data housed in the existing mainframes in order to prime them to respond to new demands. All of this is done without having to reinvent the system.

SAP Automation

Now more than ever, businesses need to have the latest, most accurate information at their fingertips. In today’s market, if your business cannot keep up its information infrastructure, it will suffer. SAP automation with UiPath may be what your enterprise needs in order to build a solid foundation on which to conduct business. As the nature of business changes, SAP software is becoming increasingly crucial. Bring your business up to date with SAP automation from UiPath, and stay competitive in an ever-changing world.

Excel Automation

Today’s working environment is multi-application focused, with data constantly being transferred between applications. Migrating and integrating data into platforms can, therefore, become troublesome, even when you work with applications that can import and export files. This happens because information can get mixed up or lost in the process, forcing you to waste precious time by repeating the steps each time you sync the data.

Harvest Your Full Operational Potential

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