Top 5 Benefits of a Digital Transformation Partner

Jun 07, 2019

In our dynamic digital world, organizations need technology to operate more than ever before. As companies become more reliant on IT with each digital advance, CIOs and CEOs will face even more challenges. Not only will they have to focus their IT budget on infrastructure and system upgrades, but they will also have to build a robust support framework around them as well.

Unfortunately, small organizations often quickly exhaust their budget to meet these challenges. Small IT teams often find themselves overwhelmed trying to keep everything up-to-date and working smoothly. Due to this pressure many organizations fall behind with backups, patches, updates, and security, and this can eventually lead to system outages. Can you imagine what would if your ERP, CRM or any other essential enterprise software went down? It could potentially cost millions of dollars in damages.  

One of the easiest ways to keep up with technological updates and reduce the risk to your organization from technological failures is to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Traditionally, MSPs helped companies streamline IT support and IT delivery with business continuity and disaster recovery back-ups as an extension of their IT team. Now thanks to advances in technology and the fact that MSPs often partner with multiple vendors, premier managed services firms like ProV can create solutions for all your technology needs. Using our customized methodologies, we can streamline the implementation and deployment of best-in-class enterprise software like ServiceNow and IFS. Our services can help companies like yours get the most out of your investment in ITSM (IT Service Management), ITOM (IT Operations Management), FSM (Field Service Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and RPA (Robotics Process Automation).     

Here are the top five benefits of having a digital transformation partner:

1) Risk and Responsibility are Shared

A good digital transformation provider will deliver on contracted services and be accountable for measuring, reporting, analyzing, and optimizing your technology and service operations. Managed service providers can assume leadership roles within your workflow and proactively work to align with your business goals. They can also recommend the best tools for your business.

2) ITSM Partners Understand the Importance of Change

Managed service providers are always looking for ways to upgrade, patch or optimize the processes they are responsible for. They can create a list of critical processes and systems, enable risk analyses and help with changing the technology culture across your organization.

3) Benefits of a full-time IT department at a Fraction of the Cost

Most small business owners simply do not have the budget or resources for a proactive approach to managing their IT resources. Digital transformation providers do not simply show up to fix things that have broken, they can provide post deployment support and maintenance for critical components, along with essential services like data backup, disaster recovery, and network security at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT team.

4) Resources can be Refocused on the Core Business and Innovation

SME business owners are often left with overworked IT departments that are so busy in putting out daily “fires” that they can hardly focus on the core business. Often, this is the biggest hinderance to innovation in small businesses. When you have a trusted partner taking care of all standard maintenance and monitoring tasks, your staff can instead focus on improving the bottom-line through innovation.

5) Access to Connected Data

One of the biggest challenges of a digital transformation initiative within a company is not having access to the best quality data to continually improve processes. If you choose to partner with a service provider that can manage both your applications and infrastructure data, they can provide a path for you to gain more insight into your operations by using best-in-class applications that show more significant data.

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