ServiceNow: How to Effectively Scale Your Enterprise in the Cloud

Mar 29, 2019

ServiceNow is a global billion-dollar cloud computing giant that recently was named as the number 1 most innovative company of 2018 by Forbes. ServiceNowhelps you build on a multi-instance architecture, increase availability and reduce redundancy, all the while helping you operate securely in a safe environment. While these are all amazing benefits of using the ServiceNow platform, the reason more than 500 companies spend over $1 million on ServiceNow products is that the software can grow with them. 

According to CIOs and CEOs of the fastest growing and biggest Fortune 500 organizations on the planet, as much as the enterprise cloud capabilities are fascinating, one of the biggest challenges they face with implementing an enterprise software is scalability. The topic of scale is important to business owners as they remain concerned about the capabilities of the cloud to grow with them and meet their needs. With the boom of the cloud across industries, business leaders are looking to aggressively move multiple workloads to the cloud but no-one wants to migrate to a cloud that cannot scale for at least the next 10years or so. ServiceNow provides scalability reassurances unlike most other of their competitors, that has seen them sit on a market cap of almost $30 billion.  

How does ServiceNow scale on the cloud? 

One of the biggest advantages of using the ServiceNow platform is that it does not focus on separate departmental workloads like sales or marketing, but rather works on changing the way your entire enterprise works. ServiceNow handles over 20 billion application queries each hour and operates thousands of individual database processes that can automate over 20,000 operational workflows every day. ServiceNow has dedicated deployed petabytes of storage available and are always adding more petabytes for growth.  

Leveraging ServiceNow’s multi-instance architecture, the platform can use its large-scale global cloud with best-in-class high performance and availability to scale according to the needs of each customer. Every individual customer instance can scale infinitely in ServiceNow without depleting resources or depending on centralized computing or storage fails. ServiceNow also holds over 100 million configuration items in their CMDB. Some of the underlying technologies used to achieve this unparalleled scalability are: 

  • Multi-tiered 10-gigabit networking 
  • Enterprise-grade computing servers 
  • High performance solid-state drives (SSDs)  
  • Database read-replicas and functional shards 
  • Load-sharing between multiple dedicated Java virtual machines, etc.  

ServiceNow allows you to take full advantage of the enterprise cloud’s scalability, agility and advanced capabilities, while letting you gain complete visibility and control of your processes and resources. Ready to leverage the enterprise cloud through ServiceNow and supercharge your service management? Give us a call at ProV! 

ProV are long-term partners for ServiceNow products and services and offer wide array of ServiceNow services that help manage your software licenses, usage and compliances better so you get the most out of your investment each time. To get started on your effective cloud journey, take our FREE Consultationtoday!   

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