Reasons Why Biomedical Companies need Field Service Software 

Nov 02, 2020

Reasons why Biomedical companies need Field Service Software 


Field service management has gained recognition in recent years. This is because its solutions cut across and positively affect various industries and sectors. 

At the moment, many of the apps available on the web market are designed to achieve a wide variety of onsite as well as offsite management tasks; virtually every business can benefit from field service software.  

Simply put, any business that operates a physical presence in an environment besides the main headquarters, Biomedical companies inclusive, can benefit from using field service software. 

To attain success, generate more revenue, biomedical companies, which incorporates pharma companies and bio-engineering outfits, need to find ways to cut costs, reduce time and resources used, and increase productivity within their organization, among other things. This is where Field Service Software comes to the rescue. 

Top Reasons why biomedical companies need Field Service Software

For easy goal-reaching and the smooth running of their organizations, biomedical companies need Field Service Software for the following reasons; 

  • Monitoring, Route, and Location Tracking: Field service software provides GPS solutions, making route access, and updates possible. Managers can keep track of all their field workers, such as sales representatives and technicians, every time.  Also, the progress of these workers can be monitored, giving room for accountability and productivity. 
  • Cost, Resources, and Time Reduction: With Field Service Software, operation costs such as fuel expenses and other operational overheads are reduced.  
  • Managing Orders and Tracking Payments: When the volume of orders is high, managing them becomes quite challenging. However, Field Service Software simplifies the process of taking, managing orders and tracking payments. It ensures that all information are organized within the software. 
  • Generating Real-Time Sales Reports: Field sales managers in pharma companies can generate real-time field sales reports, being one of the functionalities of Field Service Software. Performance assessment and identification of potential areas that may require adjustment also becomes easier. 
  • Improved efficiency: This technology can multi-task and also reduces the margin of error resulting from human-based interactions, thereby eliminating the chances of breeding unhappy customers. 
  • Integration with CRM: This is one crucial benefit of Field Service Maintenance Software. It can be integrated with third-party apps, which eliminates the risk of double data entries, ensuring data consistency. A CRM system, which is a third-party app, stores and organizes all customer interactions, order history, transactional information, and contact details in one central cloud location. With this integration, easier coordination and communication can be achieved. 

Other possibilities with FSS include; inventory management, communication, and collaboration of on-field and off-field staff, and management of expenses and reimbursement claims. 


Efficiently managing man and machinery, which make up the basis of an organization like biomedical companies, requires skill and a proper system in place. Also, monitoring their activities outside the company premises can be a challenging task; this is why Field Service Software, which serves as a digital supervisor, remains a very important part of all biomedical firms.  


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