ProV International Releases Free White Paper - The Current State of Field Service Management During COVID-19

Sep 08, 2020

ProV International Releases Free White Paper:

"The Current State of Field Service Management During Covid-19” 


(September 9, 2020) – ProV International, the global consulting firm that helps organizations streamline their customer, employee and digital experiences, has launched a new white paper that addresses a pressing issue in today’s pandemic affected times: field work. The white paper titled "The Current State of Field Service Management During Covid-19” explores in detail the new challenges and opportunities that have arisen in the area of field service management. 

The white paper defines the current situation and locates challenges in field work management in the “Age of Covid”. The social distancing norms and other safety precautions have introduced new factors to be considered while maintaining the same levels of a top-notch customer service.  

Some of the main challenges identified in the white paper include the following: Keeping all stakeholders safe, including employees, customers, vendors, contractors and other visitors; Pace of change or regulation and guidance; Communicating safety with the customer or coordinator of service; Corporate liability; and defining risk in field service management. 

Along with challenges, there are also opportunities that service providers must not lose sight of. The white paper goes on to identify some of the opportunities, including adoption of field service management software to offer remote customer assistance. For instance, IFS, a premier partner of ProV International, offers industry leading field service management software that offers an end-to-end, personalized solution for field work.  

ProV International works along with today’s organizations to reduce complexities and connect the human to the digital experience. The new white paper is an important contribution to addressing challenges thrown by the ongoing Covid-19 situation, and helping organizations plan and succeed with effective strategies. For this to happen, it is important that the challenges are well understood, along with safeguards and solutions. The white paper is an initiative in this direction, while also pointing to new opportunities that have arisen. 

About ProV International Inc 

ProV International is a global consulting firm that specializes in streamlining business operation processes, increasing service quality and keeping workplace productivity high. We promise to reduce your administrative complexity. We provide digitally enabled workforce solutions that reduce cost & risk of critical shared services such as: Customer Service, HR, IT and Field Service Management. Request a free consultation here. 

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