Press Release: ProV International Opens a New Office in Munich, Germany to Accelerate Business Expansion

Mar 27, 2017

Munich, Germany - ProV International is pleased to announce that a new office has been opened in Munich, Germany lead by General Manager Thomas Meier. In addition to ProV's offices in the USA, India and the Philippines, the new German office expands ProV's global footprint.

thomas_prov_leadership-1.pngGlobal expansion to Germany is a direct response to ProV's continually expanding customer base within Europe and the NORDICS. The new office, located at Konrad-Zuse-Platz, in Munich, enables ProV to continue in its mission to provide regional and local customers with exceptional IT consulting services. This ideal location is situated directly at Munich's fair ground, located East of Munich's city center. In order to continuously provide the customer with relative and exceptional local services, ProV's Munich office offers advantages for local talent acquisition, diverse source markets, and engaging global stakeholders with ProV's commitment to providing best business practices to the growing IT service industry.

"Having Thomas Meier lead the expansion of our Germany office is one of the best decisions ProV can make for 2017. His leadership and experience will not only provide us with the proper strategy for our expansion, but help ProV continue to enhance our customer experience around the world."

-Ajit Nair, CEO

About ProV International

ProV was founded in 2003 to reduce IT complexity using services and technologies that don't get in the way - powerful enough to meet the complex demands facing today's enterprises. By streamlining processes, we help companies improve productivity and reduce errors while still saving money. We've assembled a great team to help streamline enterprise day-to-day processes and change how IT implementation, management and support work. Now, ProV is a team across offices in the US, Germany, India and the Philippines. Learn more at

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