How Companies Are Successfully Reducing ServiceNow Support Costs

Aug 26, 2020

In today’s highly digitized world, IT applications are vital to any business that wishes to cope with the demands of modern business. Thus many companies are now making the most of the benefits that the ServiceNow platform offers them. With its implementation, they are now able to achieve their business objectives much faster and easier. However, some of these companies have issues with the support costs that are associated with the incorporation of ServiceNow into business processes. 


The in-house management of ServiceNow often leads to inefficiencies and increased feasibility costs. Yet outsourcing its support to onshore professionals comes with high net billing rates. This creates a dilemma of sorts as the IT application support is a must-have. Yet implementing it comes at great costs. Offshore team building can be the solution as it has provided a way for companies to leverage ServiceNow without being crushed by support costs. Read on to find out how companies are successfully reducing ServiceNow support costs. 


Offshore Outsourcing 


This is a strategic practice where a company hires a third party supplier in another nation to provide certain services that it can't provide in-house. The offshore outsourcing of IT staff and services is particularly necessary for smaller companies as they can access advanced support services without having to break the bank. Offshore IT services offer companies world-class ServiceNow managed services like Governance and Compliance, Application Maintenance, Upgrades, Process Automation Advisory and Enablement, System Integrations, Feature Enhancements, Custom Application Development, Migration and Administration, New Feature development, Platform Optimization, Break Fixes, and License management among other services. 


Companies that opt to have ServiceNow managed services offshored have been able to reduce ServiceNow support costs significantly. This is possible because hiring offshore IT services is cheaper in some of the countries that are known to be offshore outsourcing hubs. Accessing highly-skilled ServiceNow development partners in offshore locations offers significant cost savings and shorter production cycles. How? 


The elimination of on-boarding and off-boarding costs, training costs, tax benefits, shared responsibility, flexibility in paying for only vital resources, and lower wages often minimizes ServiceNow support costs. The best part is that there is no dip in the quality of ServiceNow consultants who offer these offshore outsourcing services. Companies can significantly reduce their ServiceNow support costs by making the most of the cost-plus pricing model that comes with the offshore outsourcing of ServiceNow support. 


Choosing your ServiceNow Development Partner. 


As with all offshore outsourcing hubs, there are a plethora of offshore IT services, so making the right choice is of the essence. Choosing the right ServiceNow development partner is of the essence because offshore team building is significant in realizing the company’s cost reduction strategy. Reliability and the quality of the service delivered should come before pricing. In most cases, the lower the price, the poorer the quality of the service. 




Enterprises who are on the ServiceNow cloud can successfully reduce ServiceNow support costs by leveraging ServiceNow management services that are offshore.  With managed services, you don’t have to forego your IT needs to conserve limited resources.  Curious about how managed services will impact your business? Request a Free Consultation today!

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