An Intro to Dell Boomi in Under 10 Minutes

Jan 06, 2021

An Intro to Dell Boomi in Under 10 Minutes

You've probably heard about Dell Boomi and wondered what it is. In this article, we give you a quick intro. In under 10 minutes, we will get you to share all you need to know about Dell Boomi. Continue reading to satisfy your curiosity and make the required decisions afterward.

In the past decade and a little over that, companies and organizations have had to adopt different forms of solutions and technologies. These solutions and technologies are hosted on different platforms. They could also be on-premise or cloud-based. With the tools and solutions being on different platforms, for operations to scale and run effectively, a platform that brings them together seamlessly is necessary. Such platforms are called integrating platforms.  To describe Dell Boomi in very simple terms, it acts as a connector, connecting different technological components.


What Dell Boomi does

Dell Boomi is an integrating platform as a service (iPaaS) platform. The platform allows users to access multiple apps, data, and systems on a unified platform. Before the existence of platforms like this, the alternative was to get the developer to design a code-based tool to act as the connector.

Boomi plays the connector's role and is a readily available tool with which the time and costs of development can be saved. With the platforms offered, one can connect all the cloud-based components they get with significant ease.  


How does Dell Boomi work?

 Dell Boomi works in a simple and user-friendly way. It has a simple interface from which you can connect all the apps, databases, and systems you need. It has a drag and drops feature with which the connection can be made with impressive ease. 

The way Dell Boomi works as an integrator can be compressed into three simple steps. Firstly, you choose the action you want to perform. The action could be getting, sending, or listening to a piece of information. Afterward, you choose a connection, which is the app with which you carry out the first action. The third step is where you choose what will happen to the information after you get it. You also name the connection. 

As an industry leader, Dell Boomi offers a wide range of connection templates. The templates allow the connection to happen at any time. It is noteworthy that Dell Boomi is scalable. Thus, irrespective of your organization's size and the required databases, apps, and tools, it can handle the integration. 

Integration platforms equip organizations to perform maximally. This is because of the ease of connection that they offer. Dell Boomi is reputable in the industry because of its ability to connect different components, ranging from data and devices to people and processes. The solutions also connect applications and the Internet of Things. 

Dell Boomi is adapted for the highest productivity level, achievable with features such as the pre-built integration tools and the large library of connectors. Users can easily create seamless workflows with the available solutions. Dell Boomi's popularity can also be attributed to the centralized management which it offers.


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