What the Future of IFS Applications Looks Like After Dell Boomi

Jan 06, 2021

What the Future of IFS Applications Looks Like After Dell Boomi

IFS is in the business of developing ERP solutions for organizations across different sectors. These solutions are adapted to improving the efficiency of routine operations and are tailored to the organization's requirements. Boomi provides a multi-purpose platform with which organizations can integrate processes, applications, databases, and people. Since IFS solutions are part of the components which users of Boomi can integrate, Dell Boomi will influence IFS applications in so many ways. Here is what the future of IFS applications looks like after Dell Boomi.

Boomi as a switchboard

The future of IFS applications with Boomi in the picture can be directly predicted as enhanced productivity. This is true because Boomi acts as a digital switchboard for connecting a wide range of solutions, including IFS applications. 

With Boomi as the connector, business applications can connect better, and that will mean enhanced efficiency. The improved efficiency after applying Boomi solutions can be seen as a competitive advantage, improved service responses, and enhanced supply chain. 


Seamless connection of IFS applications

Boomi is a cloud-native platform. Cloud-native platforms come with benefits, which include scalability, built-in redundancy, availability, and design patterns. Because Boomi is a cloud-native platform, it is designed for the seamless connection of IFS applications to other solutions. Simply put, Boomi empowers IFS customers to do more with their applications. 


Minimal code requirement

The minimal code requirement of Boomi is notable. Business environments are fast-paced, and IT personnel are required to procure solutions in real-time. This means that low to no code requirements are best for environments where the goal is maximum productivity and efficiency. Since Boomi requires minimal to no coding experience, IFS applications can be easily integrated with other solutions, systems, and processes. 

The minimal coding requirement of Boomi saves IT departments time that can be applied to other endeavors. In this way, Boomi makes IT operations more cost-effective. The benefits of the low to no code requirement is combined with the availability of a variety of capabilities as API. With the available APIs and the minimum code requirements, intuitive solutions can be built with impressive speed.


Central management

Boomi is a platform with which users can achieve the seamless central management of resources. As a unified platform, Boomi equips users with the resources for building extensive projects with ease. The unified platform gives users secured access to data on the go.

It is noteworthy that Boomi has a wide range of pre-built resources that can be applied to reduce the development time of IFS solutions significantly. The platform is also compatible with a wide range of integration patterns.   



Boomi is open source, a noteworthy feature regarding the integration of IFS solutions with devices, databases, and processes. Since Boomi is endpoint and application-agnostic, users can seamlessly integrate IFS solutions without the hurdle of vendor lock-ins. Dell Boomi empowers its users to integrate IFS solutions into estates with complex landscapes.

The future holds good prospects for IFS applications with Dell Boomi. With Dell Boomi, IFS applications are better adapted for productivity. That has inspired a partnership between IFS and Dell Boomi.  

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