7 Things You Didn’t Know About ServiceNow and How it Can Rock Your Service Management World

Apr 28, 2017

ServiceNow is kind of a rockstar in the Service Management world. ServiceNow has been touted as the “fastest growing Company with more than USD 1 billion in revenue,” as its 2016 sales shot up 38% to USD 1.4 billion. Nearly 1 in 5 companies surveyed in 2016 stated that they used ServiceNow as their ITSM and service desk solution.

The company has also managed to periodically expand its market by moving beyond its core ITSM platform and integrating verticals such as ITOM, HR Service Management, Customer Service, and IT Business Management under one common platform for Enterprise Service Management (ESM). This has resulted in the expansion of its estimated target market to over USD 60 billion. The firm has plans to grow its annual revenue to USD 4 billion by 2020 through rapid expansion.

The global cloud platform power player has garnered fans by helping enterprises replace unstructured workflows of the past with automated intelligent workflows that align every employee, customer, and machine to perform in line with business goals.

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Here, we list 7 things about your beloved service management platform that you may not have heard before. We hope at least some of them can rock your world for good.

1) Seasons Before Cities

Almost everybody around knows by now that ServiceNow usually releases 2 new versions every year. The names of the releases are based alphabetically on names of cities across the world.

However, it wasn’t always like that. Prior to 2012, ServiceNow used to name its updates after a season like Winter 2009. An even lesser known fact remains that the first city to be used was Amsterdam and was only changed to Aspen just before the release.

2) ServiceNow Store

The ServiceNow Store is an online enterprise application marketplace that contains both paid and free applications. The integrations are developed for, and deployed on, the ServiceNow platform.

The marketplace contains an extensive suite of add-ons that can greatly enhance the usability of the platform.

3) GlideSoft

ServiceNow Founder Fred Luddy initially named his Company GlideSoft Inc. in 2003. The Company offered specialized services in IT service management applications based on ITIL standards. The name was changed to ServiceNow in 2006.

However, a throwback to the early days was put in place. Every time a developer references a “GlideRecord” or addresses the “gr.” API, they are acquainted with ServiceNow’s roots.

4) GlideRecord

Carrying on from the previous point, a GlideRecord is the name given to a special Java class (GlideRecord.java) that can be used as a native JavaScript class. It is an ordered list that is used as an alternative for SQL queries during database operations.

If you’re a ServiceNow developer, you can visit the links here, here, and here, to learn more about how you can use this function to get more out of your platform.

5) Hooters Connection

ServiceNow developers are familiar with demo instances containing pre-loaded data including use case samples for employees, incidents, assets, and locations.

However, it’s a little-known fact that many of the addresses in the database are actual locations to Hooters restaurants in the U.S.

Try googling “1211 13th Avenue Dr. Se, Hickory NC”, and see for yourself!

6) HI Self-Service Portal

The HI Self-Service portal allows you to submit and check the status of requests, manage users, and ensure optimum performance levels for your platform. It acts as a central hub for managing instances, tasks, and accounts.

A fun fact, about the "HI" instance everyone uses for support, is an acronym for an earlier version of the product, called "Hosted ITIL".

7) Discovery/Mapping/Orchestration

ServiceNow has a boatload of features to uncover. But, ServiceNow Discovery, ServiceNow Service Mapping, and ServiceNow Orchestration are such special features in the value they add to you and your company, we decided to write a separate blog for it. You can check it out here.

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