6 Fascinating Reasons People Like Azure for Cloud Migration

Jan 05, 2021


Enterprises across all industries and sizes around the world are realizing great success with business solutions powered by the cloud. If you’re thinking about moving your business to the cloud but unsure of the option to go for, Microsoft Azure is a leading provider you can trust. Here are 6 reasons Azure is a favorite for many people for cloud migration.

More than just storage 

Data storage is just one out of the many services that Azure offers. There are well over 600 products that caters to the rapidly changing business needs of modern enterprises, meaning you can manage whatever programs and applications that your business use. With Azure, you will enjoy services like big data and predictive analysis, game and app development, scalable data warehousing, blockchain technology, DevOps, IoT integration and more.



Many people choose Microsoft Azure because it helps them save money. Whether you run a small business or large enterprise, you can benefit from switching to Azure as that means you don’t have to worry about expenses such as the costs of maintaining a local server or maintaining a dedicated IT staff. You get flexible expenditure, which means you get to choose the precise features you need, pay more to get more and also save on hardware purchases, energy, licenses, cooling and more.


World-class cybersecurity 

As far as security goes, data protection on Azure is top-notch, which is why it is the most trusted cloud platform by U.S. government institutions. Your business data on the cloud is secured by an advanced encryption process while the data centers are outfitted with two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers, hand geometry, biometric readers, global incident response team and a robust firewall technology that guards against illegal access as well as data infection. All these are in line with different international regulations alongside UK’s G-Cloud and Australia’s IRAP standards.



Scalability is a crucial attribute of a cloud service provider and Azure excels in this regard as it offers you the right scale when you need it. You can change your computing capabilities and storage instantly to meet your current needs without hassles. That means you can avoid the wasted compute that’s so typical of on-site infrastructure, thus giving you the freedom to only pay for what you use.


Greater flexibility 

This is an area where hosted cloud like Microsoft Azure really shines through – unlike public cloud environment. You don’t have to restructure infrastructure to suit your current needs as everything is setup already. As a result, you can adjust the way you work as you see fit. For instance, businesses can adopt a ‘bring your own device’ policy since Azure offers an effective access authentication protocol to ensure security.


High availability 

Azure has a global reach with its data center footprint spread across the entire world. Microsoft Azure currently operates in 54 regions worldwide and is available in more than 140 countries so your business will get a great experience wherever it is located. This means there will be no unnecessary latency and performance degradation for users who are far away. 



If you’ve read this far, you will agree that Azure can greatly impact your business for success. Microsoft Azure can help make your business more efficient, improve customer service and increase profit margins. 


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