4 Reasons Dell Boomi Will Change the Way You Think About IFS Applications

Jan 06, 2021

4 Reasons Dell Boomi Will Change the Way You Think About IFS Applications

Dell Boomi is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) vendor that offers a multi-purpose Platform as a Service (PaaS). The company also provides other solutions that help businesses to improve productivity and increase efficiency.  These solutions are designed to improve processes, such as the development of applications, significantly. 

Boomi offers solutions that directly influence IFS applications in multiple ways. Thus, the company is bound to change how you think about IFS applications. Here are some of the conventional ways in which Dell Boomi is changing perceptions about IFS applications. 


Coding requirement

Dell Boomi has a low to no coding requirement. The low code requirement is based on the API architecture. Boomi is open source, with its REST APIs enabling developers to maximize the platform in their desired language and at any level.

The minimal code requirement of Dell Boomi is also powered by the availability of a wide range of integrator connectors. The integration connectors reduce the coding requirements and allow the integration of a wide variety of applications, databases, and systems. Integration connectors are available for IFS, and this significantly improves the ease of integrating IFS applications. 

Regarding coding requirements, Dell Boomi improves the capabilities of IFS applications because of its flexibility and productivity.

We should also highlight the way the requirements gathering system of Dell Boomi is tailored. The system is tailored to work with any existing tools. Developers can also choose from any of the tools on Boomi Flow. In this way, Dell Boomi empowers developers to work with some of the best solutions possible. 


Enhanced productivity

The enhanced productivity that comes with Dell Boomi is directly related to IFS Applications. Dell Boomi significantly improves the ease of getting rid of developing IFS solutions. This can be attributed to the availability of a wide range of pre-built components. The availability of a combination of pre-built components and pre-configured options empowers the development of agile, intuitive, and iterative apps with ease. 


Development capabilities

The development capabilities of Dell Boomi are particularly impressive. It is adapted to develop a wide range of solutions, from very simple solutions to complex solutions. Developments can apply the diverse capabilities of Boomi Flow, through APIs, to develop complex and simple solutions. 

Developers can easily create advanced applications with the different available capabilities of Flow. It is especially impressive that integration is achievable from any endpoint. Developers are equipped to build solutions in all kinds of environments, from traditional environments to cloud-based environments. 


Ease of use

The drag and drop feature of Dell Boomi is a clear indication of its ease of use. This  feature drives the model-driven development of solutions. With the drag and drop feature, developers put together pre-built components into application models. The application model can be made into an automated process. This influences IFS applications' perception because it seamlessly integrates IFS solutions with other solutions, processes, and databases possible.   


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