15 Reasons to Feel Addicted to Boomi

Jan 06, 2021

15 Reasons to Feel Addicted to Boomi

Boomi is targeted at improving connectivity, which is a necessity in today's fast-paced digitally-powered business environments. The iPaaS platform offers impressive integration and connectivity solutions. If you're wondering why you should use this cloud application platform, here are the top 15 reasons you should consider.


Impressive connectivity

As mentioned above, the impressive connectivity is one of the best features of Boomi. Users can seamlessly business systems, apps, and data, whether cloud-based or on-premises.


Enhanced data management

The data hub of Boomi has noteworthy features that ensure enhanced data management. The features that guarantee enhanced data management include the simplified integration mapping and the real-time bidirectional data flow.



Security is guaranteed with Boomi through its three-level full-stack security solutions. The security solutions are available on the Boomi AtomSphere platform.


Partner ecosystem

The partner ecosystem of Boomi is noteworthy. Existing partnerships involve organizations like Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services, and Accenture. Users can relate directly to Boomi or through partner organizations.  


Seamless integration

Users of Boomi are sure of seamless integration, which comes from the availability of a variety of integrators. The integrators available allow the platform to provide on-demand integration solutions.


Strong API

The strong API strategy of the solution drives the seamless integration and connectivity of apps, data, and business systems.


Cloud adaptability 

The adaptability of the platform for the cloud is impressive. With the cloud-native infrastructure, users can begin to create integrations as soon as possible. 


Unified integration platform

Boomi has a unified integration platform for the seamless connection of devices, databases, and other required components.


Workflow management

The iPaaS solution not only offers impressive integration and connectivity but also enhances workflow management. This is possible because it is adapted for multi-faceted purposes, including the management of the quality of data.


Simplified integration

The simplified integration is achievable because of the extensive collection of tools such as pre built connectors and process libraries. The drag-and-drop interface also improves the simplicity of the integration. 


Market leadership

Boomi has attained and maintained its position as a market leader in the integration platform category for a while. This is a very good reason to be addicted and decide to get on the winning team. 



The honesty and transparency of Boomi have been praised in small and large circles, including getting the award of one of the most ethical companies in the world. 



Since 2008, Boomi has maintained a commendable commitment to innovation. This can be seen in the 23 patents that have been developed and acquired since then. Currently, the industry leader, the innovation path is bound to continue in the coming years and decades, making Boomi a solution to trust.



Boomi has an active community with users who can apply to get all the support they need about the product. Components of the Boomi community include the forums where users can get constant support and the knowledge center where users can find resources about a wide range of topics. 


Customer service

The customer service system of Boomi is commendable, a system built to celebrate the accomplishments of users. Customers are guided to maximize Boomi and celebrate when they do so. 

Boomi gives good reasons for its users to become addicted. Our top 15 reasons were highlighted in this article.


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