Why We Love DevOps (And You Should, Too!)

Jul 22, 2016

DevOps is a response to the disconnect between what is traditionally considered development and its operational side. This often manifests as project inefficiency and internal conflict. DevOps are built around a group of people who believe the combination of appropriate technology and attitude can revolutionize the world of software development and delivery.

Pre-DevOps companies tend to struggle with late delivery and underperformance while a well-implemented DevOps keeps developers in sync, ultimately increasing the speed in which software is produced. More importantly, everyone in the team starts trying to pull together as one—quality and reliability for the client's benefit above all.

What Problems Does it Solve?

  • Improves quality by reliable deployment and testing in multiple environments
  • Scripts to install additional modules
  • Backup and restore functionalities
  • Idea bank and collaboration between talent
  • Save time by replacing manual deployments with automated DevOps scripts
  • Control costs by using proven DevOps scripts
  • Continuous integration

Do you have experience with DevOps? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. If you’d like more information on DevOps or need to hire a team to help you get on track, contact us today for a free assessment.

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