10 Ways Dell Boomi Can Help You Streamline IFS Applications

Jan 06, 2021

10 Ways Dell Boomi Can Help You Streamline IFS Applications

Dell Boomi and IFS are two organizations that provide solutions aimed at the maximum productivity of businesses. While IFS provides solutions for automating different processes, Dell Boomi provides solutions for seamless connectivity and efficient development. This article highlights ten ways Dell Boomi can help you streamline IFS applications. 



Improved connectivity between IFS applications and other solutions and databases can be achieved with Dell Boomi. Dell Boomi Boomi drives connectivity because of features such as its API architecture. 



The open-source nature of Dell Boomi particularly adapts it for impressive connectivity. Developers can apply Dell Boomi with their preferred language at any skill level.


Reduced development time

IFS applications' development time is reduced with Dell Boomi because of the little to no coding requirement. There is also a wide range of pre-built connectors for users to apply. 


Improved productivity

Dell Boomi drives the connectivity of solutions, applications, processes, and people. Improved productivity is a direct benefit of this improved connectivity. With all resources managed from a unified platform, the improved productivity cuts across all times



Dell Boomi guarantees security with a multi-level security system. There is a security feature at the data level, as well as the network and administrator levels. Dell Boomi thus provides an extra layer of security for IFS applications, streamlining them in that way. 


Increased ROI

Dell Boomi drives ROI in multiple ways. There is a basic increase in returns from the general increase in productivity. The application of Dell Boomi eliminates several costs and leads to increased ROIs in the case. 

Such costs are the costs of cloud infrastructure and the associated management fees. The elimination of license fees associated with other integrating platforms is another path to improved ROIs. A survey by Forrester showed that Dell Boomi users saved about $1 million after they applied to the platform. Since the benefit is associated with IFS applications, it can be related to streamlined IFS applications.   



With Dell Boomi, one is sure of real-time accessibility from a unified and secured platform. This level of accessibility enhances the capabilities of IFS Applications. This means that processes can be consolidated as required, and the speed of operations improved. 


Diverse architecture

The benefits of the diverse architecture of Dell Boomi to IFS application is notable. With the diverse architecture, the seamless integration of IFS applications into all types of environments is guaranteed. These environments range from multi-cloud environments to on-premise environments.


Data management

Dell Boomi offers a central platform for the management of data. Users can apply data in different forms into solutions, both simple and complex. Users get secured data managed for a wide range of environments.


Cloud-native platform

As a cloud-native platform, Dell Boomi is adapted for the enhanced productivity and flexibility of IFS applications. Cloud-native platforms come with benefits such as the scalability and design patterns that drive the connectivity of IFS applications to other solutions. 

Dell Boomi streamlines IFS applications and equips users to derive more benefits from the solutions. 

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