Why ServiceNow is the best property management software platform

Sep 28, 2022

Why ServiceNow is the best property management software platform

The property management industry is changing, and the best way to keep up with these changes is by adopting modern technology. The technology you choose should be easy to use, have an intuitive interface, and, most importantly, be affordable. ServiceNow provides all these things and more—here are the top five reasons it's the best property management software platform on the market today.

1) Cloud-based

ServiceNow was developed as a cloud-based software platform to manage incidents and requests. It has been proven over time to be one of the best property management software platforms out there. With this cloud-based technology, you won't have to worry about data that may go missing due to theft or hardware failure. You'll have access from any location with an internet connection, and you can even run your business from a remote location like your vacation home if you want! ServiceNow also allows for easy collaboration between team members so that all information regarding an incident or request can be accessed by anyone who needs it.

2) Multiple Perspectives

ServiceNow is a great product that helps property management professionals manage their businesses better. ServiceNow provides you with everything you need to run your business smoothly. ServiceNow offers customizable solutions for every property management business, whether you want to streamline your property management process or be more efficient in your office work. You can access all your information from anywhere at any time. This is invaluable when you have limited staff or just one person on call when something goes wrong.


3) Business Process Automation

ServiceNow's Business Process Automation (BPA) tools allow you to automate a series of tasks that are accomplished in succession. For example, after entering a new request, you can set up an automated workflow to assign it to the appropriate team member and have them notify you when they're finished. You can also automate repetitive tasks like sending out newsletters and surveys by inputting a simple script. This automation will come in handy if you manage multiple properties with multiple teams!

4) Visibility into Operations

ServiceNow makes it easy to stay on top of your operations by providing visibility into what's happening. If a resident complains about an issue, you can quickly investigate whether someone else has had that complaint before and how they were resolved. You can also use the Request module to track any requests made by your residents so that you're aware of any potential issues before they become an emergency. With ServiceNow, nothing will go unnoticed!

5) Active Directory Integration

ServiceNow has tight integration with Active Directory, which means that users can log in to the system with their current credentials and access all their property information without remembering multiple passwords. This cuts down on costly help desk tickets and makes it easier for employees and customers to find what they're looking for. Plus, if an employee is terminated or moves on from your company, it's easy to export user data from ServiceNow into Active Directory to keep your data up-to-date.


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